Shop vac cyclone from traffic cone

Just a quick little project. I can’t believe how good it works!


That’s so practical and I can appreciate the design! Is it your design?

Similar designs like this, bigger and smaller, with and without cyclone have been around in the maker forums. These are really useful though to my experience the small bucket fills up rather smart. I moved to a larger design a while back. You can find a description on the build here


I really didn’t have any plans to go by. It works much better than the bucket style I had fabled up years ago. The bucket is a larger chlorine type.

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Nice! On the fly :sunglasses:. That’s awesome.
I can’t justify trying because I actually have a large dust collector that sits on a 55 gallon steel drum. My shop is so small that I leave it empty in the loft and use a 16 gallon Ridged wet/dry vac. I put the dust collector up there (in the loft) with the idea that it would operate and be winched up and down to service it but it’s too large to have enough wiggle room and I don’t trust the loft with any more weight than the unit itself. I actually have plastic drums that could be cut down easily but I don’t know if it is worth it being that it still takes up the same footprint. Any thoughts?

This is brilliant and we’ll executed! Awesome work!

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