Smashed the circuit board

I built a frame that folds into the ceiling for my original Maslow. I bolted large hinges to the rafters in my garage and used a HF winch to pull it up out of the way. This way I can pull the car in when I’m not using the CNC. Not a great picture but here is it folded up.

With my original Maslow, the center of the frame conveniently landed between two rafters. For the Maslow 4 I wanted a bigger frame (Thanks to Dave Lang’s great frame sizer website).
With the new frame the center is NOT between two rafters. I wasn’t paying attention when I folded up the frame with the Maslow still on it and pinched the Maslow between the frame and the rafter. The module on top of the router ended up cocked with half the mounting bracket popped out of the router and the top motor pins flattened.
I took it apart, re-mounted everything, nothing looked broken.
Now it appears I have a short as it will not turn on. I have 24 volts at the power supply but when I plug it in I get a little spark and no voltage at the two big solder pads under the connector.
I contacted Bar thru the website but I know circuit boards are in short supply at the moment.

Any idea what could have shorted?

Thanks for all the great work everyone is doing!

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So instead of “Where’s Waldo”, we get to play “Where’s Shorty”!


I agree that everything looks OK, finding the short can be a tough game. We can absolutely just send you a replacement as soon as the next batch of boards arrives which should be any day now.

Shoot an email to and we’ll get you one in the mail ASAP

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Thanks Bar! Any interest in getting the broken one back?

No, that’s OK :grinning: Thanks for the offer though!

If it died of natural causes I might want to investigate what happened, but I think we’ll find that something is smooshed :stuck_out_tongue:

It lives!
I received the new board and everything works again.
Thanks Bar and Anna!

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watch the heat sinks and the motor terminal mounting blocks… shorting those pins will make it unhappy.

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I thought of checking this as I was moving the old heat sinks to the new board. Even with no heat sinks I still had the dead short. I’ll look deeper when I have some spare time. Right now I’m having too much fun with the new board.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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