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Subcontractors/Freelancers For Design And G-code Configuration

I have a couple cool projects to cut with my new Maslow.
I am not good with the CAD/CAM software part of the process.
Looking to find people in the community that like the software part of it and are interested in subcontracting the design/converting to g-code part of the work in a 1099/freelance arrangement.
I’m in Northern Va (just south of Washington DC).
l will pay you money for your work, or if you are local and interested in using my machine/bartering/etc. for your projects that works also.
Also, If you are thinking of buying a Maslow and want to check one out just contact me and you are welcome to come by my shop to see/play around with my Maslow.
Just contact me through the private message feature.

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Another approach you could try is to pitch some of your ideas here in the forums. If there are a few people who are interested, you could use the Community Garden as your collaboration space.


Hey @CatalystMJ, are you still in Northern VA? I’m in Lovettsville, VA and would love to check out an operational Maslow CNC before I buy a kit to build my own. I have CAD experience and some design ideas I want to try - so I’m interested in the subcontracting work, too.