SVG printout different to Easel GCode -> WebControl cut out

I have modeled a window molding in inkscape. Printed it out on a piece of paper, and it fits fairly well. However, when I import the svg to easel and generate the Gcode there, cut it on my maslow, the result is different.

For kicks, I cut out two 50mm squares (one inside, one outside). Measuring them shows that they are very near 50mm (maybe .5 off).

My question is: Does Easel do something strange to my SVG? Or is a maslow acting differently when it comes to cutting curves? (9.4 KB)

Eckstück nach Scan2

Any and help is greatly appreciated.


I think the gcode matches the SVG accurately for an inner profile with tool-diameter of about 6.35mm.
Calibration issue on the maslow maybe?


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Thank you for the feedback. So Easel is good.

Calibration in general is an issue I know about in my setup, but I wasn’t aware that it is as bad. Especially after trying the squares, I thought that it might be a different issue.