Talk about being stuck.. and a little embarrassed

12 ft top beam would be optimum. You can go smaller, but loose the chance to cut on a full sheet.

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Hey Ronn! Welcome back! Makermade had a decent pdf for frame building you can use here. I think we have all felt frustrated like you described a little as part of this process. I experienced this last week with some new controllers I was testing. Nothing worked and I didn’t know what to do. Start with the board, the one with the USB and plug it into your computer. don’t plug in the motors yet. Just see if the lights come on. You download the firmware here. You will need the arduino IDE to compile and load it on the board here.

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To have a 12ft top beam you’ll also need the longer chains (15ft / 5m) - so if the chains you’ve got a ‘regular’ length you’ll need to stick to the 10ft (3m) top beam.

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the original “L” brackets were replaced with a ring or linkage kit that keeps the chains pointed to the middle. you really need to buy a $75 ring kit or a $25 linkage kit if you want the cuts to be accurate.

calibrating it with the inferior brackets and then having to recalibrate with the more accurate hardware now would be a waste of time IMHO.

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Understood. I see the linkage kit but dont see the ring kit… is it out of stock or sold elsewhere?

other sellers sell the ring kit, both work fine.

are these them? I see they are 14 ft… not 15 ft

big thank you!!

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will do. currently I do not have the longer linkage… does it make sense to build with a smaller top bar and then add the longer bar once the longer chains come in? also Ive seen 14ft ones but someone mentioned 15ft ones.

14’ long chains work fine for a 12’ bar. 15’ is longer than needed.

It’s makermade who sell the 15’ chains. Which lets you have the top bar higher (or set the plywood sheet a bit lower), and that help to reduce the ‘not good zone’ in the top middle of the sheet.
But they charge more …

15’ long chains let one do about a 14’ top bar
14’ long chains let one do about a 13’ top bar
13’ long is sufficient to do a 12’ top bar.

I have arduino installed and am downloading the firmware from the link… is there a page or link on how to update the firmaware? or is that on the PDF for the frame build?

you are better off just using webcontrol on a pc. Groundcontrol hasnt’ been updated in about 2 years and while it still works probabaly wont’ be further developed.
many videos on it


the manual has some details and like metal says, you can flash the firmware from webcontrol.


Good News. Looks like the lights come on the board. with the USB only plugged in… there is one on the top Maslow board and 2 underneath a green and amber light.

Ohh no. raspberry pie now required? Ok So many questions… Webcontrol is the software now used to add files to your CNC? I need to flash my maslow control board to get it to work with Webcontrol? Or is that just a software download link.
Do I need to add firmware from the link above to have my board work with it? also I now need a raspberry pi to work with it or that was just a cool option? Im guessing I still need to have a computer next to my router for it to work properly correct? sorry for all the questions and the delayed asking… I couldnt do more than 6 replies because of my acct being such a newbie.


This “Linkage Arms 7 in long with 1.5 and 3” spacers" will these work with a generic wooden sled? Do I need to get the special Router mount for these to function?

Hey Orob, I think Im missing something. the link or firmware takes me to a webcontrol download… is that the firmware your’e referring too? I asked this in another post just now… but do I need to update the firmware with webcontrol on my maslow board for it to work with that software?

if you want to use holey calibration then yes you need to update the firm ware
webcontrol can be run on a pc, you do not need a raspberry pi
the 7" linkage arms can work on a wooden sled.
you do not need a special clamp, but a dedicated z axis with clamp is much better than the hacking the z axis on the ridgid router.

what metal said ^^ you can run webcontrol on linux or windows. if you want to do the higher precision calibration, you can flash the firmware from within the program, so that program should be all you need for now.