Teardrop Square Drop? #Camper

I hit it with 60 grit.

Update, it has a roof! Well mostly.

I used the Maslow to cut the lower partition. The Maslow was short by 1/8" which should be 5’. With the fiberglass this works out and I have to actually shave some off to get it in flush. There is a sliding door so we can get stuff from the cooler without going to the back. The other cutouts are for ratchet straps to hold my Bluetti in place.


It’s starting to take shape! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with progress.

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Slowly getting there. I may have biten off more than I can chew. The deadline to road worthy is 2 weeks time.

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I had some really good progress this week.

The roof is fully glassed. + Front drop.

How I am going to mount everything is pretty sorted. I gave myself WAY to much leeway here.

Inside the sleeping area, I worked on the bunk bed which is removable. I routed cables for USB charging into the frame to hide the cables.

In the gally area I didn’t take a recent picture, but this is all studded out with insulation and after sanding tomorrow ready for glass.


Today was the day.


First coat of paint! The sanding isn’t that great. I didn’t get enough of the epoxy drips and you can see were the seams are up close. Considering this thing has it’s maiden voyage in one weeks time not a lot of Bondo is going to be applied.

I weighed the rear hatch and it came in at an impressive 35 lbs!


Vent, doors, and AC went in today. It’s starting to look like a camper!

I got the back hatch mounted yesterday night and need to get that painted today yet.


Rear hatch painted!! Woot :slight_smile:


Just a few small pieces left, but it’s weighed and ready for inspection. It came in at 1,140lbs


Looks amazing, adventures await!

Not to be ‘that’ guy, but you might want to consider a drop hitch to lower the tongue just a little bit and have it tow more level.

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Lol yeah, I bought a 2" drop earlier this morning.

I had someone watching the back lights and they got within a half inch of the ground leaving my driveway with the inverted 2" I had on hand. Our jeep sits way lower and that was the only received I had on hand at the time.

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