Test Shape really really slow

Hi everybody, very happy to be in the calibration phase of the temporary frame.
I’m now at step 8, kind of stuck. Since i didn’t find online feedback, is somebody experiencing really long lags (10 minutes?) between the cuts? I was able to cut just the first diagonal line - yes that probably wasn’t intended to be cut - but after the top left cut, the machine doesn’t move anymore or send messages. I’m trying now for the third time and the router is still in position for 5 minutes already. Could it be the Ground control version for mac not updated? Also in the whole calibration process the time between pushing a button and see the consequence action was alway around more than 30 sec.

Hmm, my guess is that something is wrong with the way the z-axis control is working, and that the machine isn’t sending a message to indicate that it is paused and hoping for a z-axis adjustment.

I will test this first thing and get back to you with what I find out.

Hi Bar, thanks for your answer. I actually also purchased the z-axis, but i decided first to calibrate Maslow without it, to make things one at the time. I can also try to see if with the z-axis it will be better, i’ll do it in the next hours.

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You are absolutely doing the right thing. It should work without the zaxis. I just wanted to be sure I tested the right thing :grinning:

I gave it a test and I couldn’t get the problem to repeat, but I realized that there is something I missed in the original post that is probably very relevant. There shouldn’t be an almost 30 second delay between clicking a button and seeing the machine move!

That seems like the core of the problem to me.

I have no idea what could be causing that kind of lag in a serial connection. I’ve got to assume it’s on the computer side.

The first thing I would try would be to not use the USB extender, and instead just use the short cable to connect to the computer if possible. Sometimes the extender cables can cause issues.

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Bar luckily it looks like switching to windows, using the short usb cable
and using the latest version of ground control helped to start step 8!
Unfortunately i think in the process the calibration got kind of lost, and
seems to me now the cuts are simply moving but not getting one equal to
the other. Because i guess in the end we want to have horizontal (quite)=
vertical, right? I’m stuck in a 58 x 65 that simply moves itself. But
anyway, re-calibration first!

I’ll keep you posted - Thanks

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