The Mar 6th Weekly Update is Posted

The update is a video this week so I’ll save you a click and embed it here :grinning:

As always, let us know if you have thoughts or questions.


Congratulations! Impressed with how quickly you guys have been working through misc issues that come up.

Planning self pickup day(s), and/or group assembly workshop day(s) (opportunity to get feedback…)?

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This is awesome; the updates are well produced, concise, and informative. Really impressed how thorough you guys are with such a small team; I’ve seen larger companies struggle without testing jigs, whereas yours looks professional and does the job.

I also loved your lifehack about weighing a box at the end of the production line to make sure you’ve packed everything. I’ve written that down in my lifehacks list, along with my own augmentation - to weigh each individual component, so that, if your weight isn’t right at the end of the line, you can make an educated guess about which component you forgot. :slight_smile:


Yes! Once this next batch of boards comes in we will set aside the kits for local pickup for those folks in Insider edition and email them to coordinate. We are also planning on having in-person assembly days and potentially live streaming them to include those outside of Seattle! Maybe around the end of March?


Just checking to see If the Next Batches made it on the Cargo Container and are on the way to the USA?

They did! The PCBs didn’t ship out on time…I have a tracking number now but it still says they are waiting to get picked up :confused:

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Just checking to see if you have an eta on shipping , thanks from cmh ranch

Which batch are you in?

I don’t know order number 10256 if that helps on 3-3-24

Your kit is in the container ship which is expected to get to us around the 28th or 29th and it should ship probably the week after that.

If you are interested, we send out a weekly email update so you can stay up to date with the latest info.

Ok thank you

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where can I find my order and batch number?

Was your order placed through our website or through Kickstarter?

If it’s through kickstarter then it will be listed with your kickstarter pledge, if it’s through our website then you are a part of Batch #3

I believe it was through Kickstarter, but here’ s another stupid question, where would i find my “Kickstarter Pledge?”
Thanks @bar

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I’m order 1317 I’m assuming this is about 2/3 weeks from shipping?

Im absolutely fine with that if so :joy: gives you guys more time to iron out bugs other users find


Do you know your kickstarter user name? I can look it up for you

I’m pretty sure it’s the same I use to log in here, “garru2”
I can wait till it comes no biggie, I know your busy and I don’t want to take you away from more important things.

@anna Do you see @garru2? I’m not finding it, but I might be searching wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, @garru2 is in batch #1, backer number 764 :laughing: