The Meticulous House

I’m picking up where I left off in this thread here with a little bit more of a formal project thread for my new home. It’s been awhile since I posted an update, mostly because I’ve been so freakishly busy trying to fix the place up. We finally got a chance to do a good clean recently, so I took some pictures now that we’ve been living here for a bit.

Our little, blue kitchen:

These pictures are a bit of a Where’s Waldo of Maslow’ed projects. There’s my mail organizer, @Bar’s dish rack, the butcher block countertop, and the sink base below the counter. The remainder of the cabinetry are from a Craigslist deal (see the thread linked at the beginning for more details about their rehab).

Other pictures of the mail organizer:

We ended up painting the flat faces because I did a terrible job of matching the wood fill to the veneer of the plywood. In the end, it worked out really well right next the kitchen, helping to carry the blue into the living space a little more.

My wife brought her camera down while I was working on the mail organizer and shot this amazing picture:

And coming down the pipeline are the shoe cubbie cabinets I have been working on off and on for the last 2 months.

Test fitting the cabinet and laying up the nosing:

Another of my wife’s action shots, this time just after I freed a partition from it’s nest:

Right now all the parts are sprawled all over the shop while the tung oil dries:

We still have another coat of oil to apply over this week, but we’re looking good to be building and installing the cabinets in our living space this weekend.


Shoe cubbies went in this weekend! Assembly was pretty painless, thanks to my earlier dry fitting. I caught a couple of areas where the Maslow’s accuracy wasn’t spot on and opened a couple of dadoes up with a chisel. I was pushing the limits on the usable cut area of my machine, so it makes sense. I can’t wait to get to my next round of upgrades for the machine. Should solve a lot of accuracy problems.

Brought all the parts to the area where I installed them after the finishing was done. I laid everything out to help me assemble them.

I glued all the dadoes, and nailed each part in place with my pneumatic 18ga nailer. The nails hold everything in place until the glue dries.

Once both cabinets were assembled, I clamped them together and then put a couple of screws in to secure the cases.

I then screwed through the back of the cabinet into the studs for the window, to keep it from moving around.

And then, of course, I had to put our shoes in it! :smiley: Gotta say, pretty happy with it. Now all I need to do is build a top and sew up some cushions for it. More updates to follow.