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TLE5206 board and Shield

Hope all is well with everyone, I just bought the new TLE5206 board and Shield hoping this will fix my problem with the Z-Axis. Do I need to download any software to set up or can i just connect them to the motors and start cutting, if not what do I need to do?
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if you are running 1.26 firmware with the Mega, you should be able to simply attach it and the firmware will detect the board version and assign the correct drive pins for that board. If you watch the console when webcontrol starts, it should tell you what board version you have. It should auto detect and just work. Try it with the motor power off to the shield (unplug the 12 V power). Once you can see it shows the correct board, you can plug in power for the motors and verify they aren’t running when they are supposed to be stopped. Then verify with small movements to ensure movement in each direction isn’t backwards and then use it.

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I Believe I’m running 1.10 firmware and groundcontrol, the original maslow
back in 2017-18. never updated because was running with no problem