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TLE5206 SMD PCB Boards available at cost - bare


I am from Puerto Rico, did board sustitud the Maslow board. How complicated is instal it. Thanks!



Would you please post a picture of the board? I think many are confused thinking these are a complete product, if you could maybe change the title to include “bare” it might help that too.

Thank you


I have edited the root post with these details.


private message me. apple pay or paypal?


@rosssivertsen You might want to delete this private information and put it in a PM. Spambots will harvest and flood you with garbage and cold calls :wink:


Thanks will do.



I received your board and the quality looks great.

Thank you


All the boards I had to send out have been claimed. Thanks everyone.


deleting it from the web forum doesn’t delete it from anyone or anything that
subscribes via e-mail.

the e-mail address is something that goes out to anyone you ever communicate
with, and anyone on any e-mail list you talk to.

Trying to keep your e-mail secret is not a winning strategy.

David Lang (Computer Security Architect as my day job)


I agree that it’s better not to post an email address in the forum. How safe it is to post it in a PM only your countrys secret service and internet provider knows.


Where can I find the Eagle files for the Through hole PCB. I have a friend who said he can have the board made for me.



TLE5206 where to buy?

They are in the Community Garden!

Here’s a direct link to download the files.


Thank you for your help:-)


good day! and where can I order this board?


If you have the Eagle files, you can order through a board printing service such as OshPark. There are cheaper services out there, but OSHPark does just a few boards for you, has great turn around time, and makes quality boards (No, I am not affiliated with them, but have used them often in the past.)


What files Eagle ?


If you go to the link to the Community Garden that @blurfl provided earlier, you can download all the files needed. The second link he provided will download the zip folder directly.

Once you unzip the folder, inside is a sub folder called “Electronics”
In that folder is another subfolder called “Power Distribution”
In that folder are the .brd files that can be used to upload to a service like OSHPark to have the boards made. The .brd files are the Eagle files. Eagle CAD is a program that is used to make the .brd (or board) files.

Does that answer your question?