TLE5206 where to buy?

I keep losing calibration during cuts. Maybe the new board will help. Shows sold out and has been for a while. Any idea where to get one?

@Bee ?, @MakerMadeCNC , @Metalmaslow , @2cents .
Bee at one point designed, made and was selling an improved board. The rest are supplying kits at least.
As far as I can recall there were other boards options out there as well,… anyone?

I was a bridge between the old and the new suppliers. When others made TLE boards available I stopped.

Thank you


Thank you sir. I’ll keep looking

Let me know with PM if you are stuck on this one.
Bee has helped me with ‘backup for the TLE’, so will do best give the same with others.
Nothing to put in the mail tomorrow though, sorry.

Kind regards, Gero


Troubleshooting on this one is worth a try, before blaming the motor shield. Are you up for it?


Any help trouble shooting would be appreciated. Not sure where to look.

I moved the vac and router to a different circuit.

Thinking try a new usb cable or noise filter?

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Are you on win$?

The usb and filters is a great start.
The highest level you can take it is likely this:
Maslow CNC USB signal/connection loss

Thanks Gero,

I have watched that before. Not sure where to get one or how to wire it. But I’ll check the video again. Anything simpler?

If you feel comfortable soldering, you may want to check out this thread:

Hey Keith,

Not comfortable with soldering. Never learned how to do it.


If I’m understanding it I wire the filter into a box with outlets and plug that box into the wall then plug the Maslow setup into the filter box. I’ll pick up the usb cable with the chokes on it.

If you are suffering from connection loss, we should change the title and make it a troubleshooting post.
The error needs to be narrowed down step by step.

← needs to be more explained to get you running.
Will you change the title, or shall i?

Lowest cost attempt first is also my approach with this things. If a good short USB with Ferites solves the issue, lots of worries and cash saved.

did you try:

  • cold moves (cutter up and router off)
  • vacuum off
    to determine if it might be 1 of the 2 creating the ‘noise’ to loose connection?


was not answered.
If so:

  • You want to deactivate all screen saver and power saving tools in windows
  • You also want to check (if there is no password) the ->BIOS<- of your PC and turn off power saving there. The search on giggle would be “{your pc model} enter bios” or “how to access bios {your pc model}”. (If you have a 8 hour cut you do not want anything to turn off).
  • :woman_juggling: Conchita or whatever her name is, fire her without notice. You don’t want her to destroy your workpiece just because she takes system resources away from GroundControl, because she heard you say “I think the bit is dull” and tries to order them directly :wink:
  • How much ‘automatic updates’ affect win10/??, i can’t tell, but to be on the safe side,turn off (requires to do it regularly manually) or set at least to ‘ask’, so you can delay it if you fear it could interrupt a cut

Might go to far here, but that won’t stop me:
If GC is on win or mac, I would disable/disconnect internet/networking during a cut.
Both OS are known to copy ET and calling home, silently in the background, but noticeable on the system resources. Cutting them off has a bigger chance to leave more of your PC for you.

I moved router and vac to different circuit. That seemed to prolong the losing connection and losing calibration. However it still happens randomly.

Also, I separated the Maslow power cord and usb cable the best I could.

disabled screen saver for sure.

I have disabled power save mode under power management but I haven’t messed with bios.

I’ll check on Cortana or whoever I don’t think I ever turned it on.

I’ll check the auto updates not sure of it.

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So win 10? home/pro?

I believe 10 home. Don’t know for sure. I turn it on so what I need and turn it off. Lol.


I’m going to pick up a usb cable tomorrow and recalibrate and cut a few thing this weekend and see how it does.


Went through the pc list. I believe I have everything turned off. I also disabled WiFi. Two cuts and no problems. We will see how long it lasts.

No ferrite usb cords locally. Have to order one.


Sorry for not being on much. Thank you for your help Gero. I followed your list of turning things off and haven’t had a issue since. I believe it was my wireless causing the issue. So far so good. We have made 10 27x30 cuts with no issues.


Bought or still looking?