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Using Punch Viacad / Shark and Easel Cam to WebControl


Just a solution to a problem I had this week with missized SVG’s.

Shark / Viacad is very similar in 3d modeling to sketchup for me plus it has nice 2d / 3d cad functions. So I like it. And I have on my computer probably 12 cad systems- but enjoy this one the most, unfortunately it does have some bugs.

But its SVG export is screwed up- it messes up the scale of the SVG to a tiny scale.

Instead use DXF export, then import into easel, then export gcode and import gcode into webcontrol which I use to control the Maslow CNC.

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Svg scaling is fluid, it was developed for display devices of varying sizes, think how your screen size is different than mine. Does Shark/Viacad have a setting for svg scaling? It’s often in px (pixels) per inch, 96 is the most common default but it’s arbitrary. Svg internal units are, well, strange.

Inkscape switched from 90 ppi in version 0.91 to 96 in 0.92, to conform with css. Made a big mess and still causes problems