Web Control: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter kit?

I would like to try web control on a Raspberry Pi, but know nothing about Raspberries. Do I definitely want the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ ?
Is this a good starter kit, and is this all I need? Is that sd card size appropriate?
Edit: I do not have an hdmi monitor, nor usb mouse or keypad, just old school stuff.

What’s in the box?
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (B Plus) with 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU (BCM2837B0) with 1 GB LPDDR2 SDRAM
On-board WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity
32 GB Samsung EVO+ Micro SD Card (Class 10) pre-loaded with NOOBS
USB MicroSD Card Reader
CanaKit PiSwitch (On/Off Power Switch for Raspberry Pi)
CanaKit 2.5A Micro USB Power Supply with Noise Filter (UL Listed) specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (5-foot cable)
Premium Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Case
High Quality HDMI Cable with CEC support (6-foot cable)
Set of 2 Aluminum Heat Sinks
CanaKit Full Color Quick-Start Guide and GPIO Quick Reference Card

It will work:

power supply
sd card
heat sinks

To me, the most important thing is the power supply because these will not run well with standard phone charging plugs unless you have one of the speed chargers. You will be powering the pi and the arduino control board via usb, so you need more than the rated value of just the pi. You really only need an 8 GB SD card, so you are good to go with 32 and you have a case. I have the 3B, but it works. According to the github page, the B+ is the preferred unit, so you should be good to go. Make sure you put the heat sinks on. Since it comes with an HDMI cable, if you get stuck, plug it in to your TV and verify it comes up, change the user password, set up wifi, etc if you haven’t already done that with the text file options in the file system. You can connect a keyboard to it and set the location and time zone also if you like, or just enable ssh and do it that way.

OK, thanks, forgot to mention TV has HDMI ports.

The arduino gets it’s power from the motor controller power supply, so you
should not need anything special for the power supply. but you don’t want to run
short there.

you cn use any version of the Pi, but the 3 has wifi built-in which is handy

Using Web Control you don’t need a display for the pi (unless you want to run
a browser on it)

David Lang

I am running almost that EXACT same setup on mine. I used the file posted here:
Webcontrol image

I used a TV screen (via HDMI) to do my initial setup from the command line. Once it was up and running, I have not plugged it into the monitor again.

I am extremely happy with it so far. I was planning on adding a touch screen to the Pi but after using the webcontrol for a little while now, I don’t think I will need that at all (everything can be done through a browser on your phone).

I am still trying to figure out if there is anything that can be done about the camera choking the system when viewing but otherwise it is FANTASTIC!

run octopi on my other rpi for my 3d printer and it has a camera feature as well, but with this cnc, I’m less likely to leave it alone. I’m unfamiliar with the camera feature you describe. I have not yet run the cnc with webcontrol from the pi and actually cut anything yet… just verified it connects and works.