What did you cut today?

@TimS Love it!! I may need to ask you for that file as I am sure there are plenty of people around here where I work that this would be suitable for!!

When I have a chance to log back in the maslow computer, I’ll attach the carbide create file. (I think you mentioned that you use carbide create?)

Here is another project I started this past weekend.

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I do use CC, so that should work! I very much appreciate it!! F-16…very nice!!

GoodIdeaFairy.c2d (799.0 KB)

Good Idea Fairy Carbide Create File

FYI both of the recent posts of the Good Idea Fairy and F-16 were cut with my new 500 watt Chinese spindle set up.


@TimS Thanks brother!! I’m hoping to get my rig set back up after our move. but I’ll be sure to post anything I make off this design. It is very much appreciated!!

How do you like the new spindle?

Smaller, easier access to bit.

Better range of speed control and capable of lower speeds to better control chip size with the feed rates.

Temperature seems to be the same as the router.

Power, handles the 1/4 bits I have been using.

Numerous different size collets. Came with like 8. Probably will still only use 1/8, 1/4 inch shanks.


Costs about the same as the Makita. Around $100

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I might have to get one of those to give it a try. Where did you get it from?

This is the exact kit I bought.

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All condemned obsolete parts from an actual


Very Niiiiiiiiiiiiccceee (in my best Borat accent)!!!