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What did you cut today?




Okay, I just checked 25 out of 100 from my most recent batch of hardware and every single one fit perfectly. While not definitive I think those are pretty good odds. If you message me your address I’ll send you two new pins that are personally verified to fit! :wink:
(That goes for anyone else who has a linkage kit as well, if it’s not right I’ll make it right!)


I have been work on these for a couple weeks.

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for November 14, 2018



Seen a project over at Inventables that I wanted to put a spin on for the wife for Christmas decor. Not finished but she loves it and here it is so far.


Here is a cutting board I carved.


Some signs I cut last week.

This one still needs the bangstick added.


The second thing I carved with my Maslow. Excited to cut more.


V-carved some Christmas presents: