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What did you cut today?


Here are some of my final Christmas projects for family. Lovin’ the 1/8 bit.

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for January 2, 2018

The bracket was printed with eSun petg. I have had good results with it in the past. I am thinking that a redesign is needed to gain more strength. I am going to reprint it so the layers run in a better direction. I think some of the breakage is due to the layer orientation. I might try printing it in nylon too. I have no previous experience printing in nylon but I ordered a spool to try.

It was modeled in rhino. I can send you a .3dm or .stl if you want. It might not be a perfect design but your welcome to use/mod as much as you’d like. I am thinking that a sleeve design may be a better option opposed to the 2 “ring” mount that I designed.


I recognize North Carolina, but what is the other shape? I’m pretty sure it’s a country, but I don’t know that one.


An STL would be great as I’m not sure if I can import a 3dm into Fusion.

And I agree a sleeve printed vertically seems like a more robust design.


Perhaps someone wants to design a 3-d printable sleeve for the router that will allow it to mount inside a 100mm spindle mount? the r22002 is approximately 92 mm in diameter, so it should be possible to 3d print just an insert that doesn’t need to hold the force of the entire router, just ensuring it is clamped in place by the spindle mount without deflection.


Sketchup is a Polygon based program that cannot do true curves only facets.


Hive - the game

This game is sometimes looked at as a modern day chess, so that means you need a nice unique set.
I engraved the bugs, 3h for 15 bugs, then dabbed some cheap acrylic paint into the holes. After it dried i sanded down the top and rounded of the edges.
Quite content with the results, but i am gonna make a set out of 2 diffrent wood types too.


What kind of bit did you use to engrave it? I like the detail.


A €5, cheap 90° router bit, worked prefectly. Just the depth wasn’t precise enough, but that was expected, the machins isn’t really bought for that.


Technically it can. You can increase the number of points on a curve or circle quite easily to gain smoothness. When you post process to use the output in maslow it gets converted to a true curve and if you start with enough points to begin with you can’t find a difference between a processed curve and what you drew in Sketchup.


Yet another open desk nimble stool …


I would totally redo that 3d bracket to be one solid cylinder. use a weld nut and screws to hold the router in place. two separate round clamps are not rigid enough.


Loving these signs. What’s the process for painting them to get such clean infilled letters etc.?


looks good. did you think of putting a what they calk a blood slot in it so fluids do in slot an not off the side of board


What i did for my game pieces was just splash the paint on, let it dry and sand it down.


The other one is the country of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. My daughter has visited Haiti 3 times on mission trips so it a special spot for her. kevin


For a good amount of the inlay I used a narrow pointed squeeze bottle that I picked up at AC Moore, I think they used them primarily for tie-dye applications. Using those really made the painting process go quite fast. I also used a foam roller, small brush and foam brush to complete the other parts.


Nice work! For the v-carving on the Halligan sign, how did you accomplish the variable depth and width of the lettering? I’ve been using Inkscape and Easel (and sometimes Makercam), and so far only been able to figure out how to v-carve at a constant depth, and therefore lettering is at a constant width, not as interesting. Thanks


Honestly it was somewhat of a mistake, we used Easel and just set the depth (to 1/8" I think) and exported. It DEFINITELY was not the most efficient way, I think it got transformed into a ton of pecks with the v-bit instead of smooth cuts. The end result was ok though, either by accident or otherwise.

The f-carve(?) free software someone mentioned on these forums for using v-bits is intriguing but sometimes I struggle to learn new software like that. Will have to give it a try soon though, because Easel and v-carving don’t seem to get along well even when you use a “Pro day” and set the bit properly.


I cut this target out for the kids today. I found the plastic material at our local dump and was perfect for this project as its weather resistant and laminated so the cuts stand out.

This was also the first introduction for my 9yr old into the use of design program. Was really satisfying to design it with him then cut it out :blush::blush: