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What did you cut today?


Oh! Reversible :sunglasses:.


After a long long time, I finally got to the final assembly steps of my Arcade machine build. I recently cut the sides with the maslow, and after a lot of sanding, drilling, and routing, glued it together over the weekend.
The whole thing is my own design, home made out of 3/4" beetle kill pine. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned from the process of making this.
I have to admit that most parts are made the “traditional” way. No way to cut angled cuts at this point in time.
The arcade will operate with MAME on a Raspberry Pi, one joystick and tons of pixely games from Asteroids over Frogger to Crazy Kong. Electronics are all done and will just have to be dropped in after some detail work and oiling.


I have to still keep dreaming of this. I grew up with this games.
Are you painting or keeping the wonderful grain and ‘branch spots’ (what wood is this)?
Thanks for sharing!


This is beetle kill pine. The grayish/blueish areas are resulting from the fungi that killed the tree.
I chose the wood on purpose. It will just be oiled with danish oil which will highlight the contrast. Looks a little bit lighter now, but the color and contrasts will be richer once done.
I built this because I wanted to see where my Crazy Kong skills are. I used to make it to level 15 when I was young. Now… Not so much.


Finished view. It is done. I am honing my skills once more. Run, big ape, run.


Bump! What have you cut recently?!


still a work in progress, but i’m making a big connect 4 game.


Looks great!

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That is SO cool! How big is it?

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Nice, do you have some files for it you could share?


it’s a little over a meter high, 1m20 wide i think.
I’ll post the fusion files, once i’m done and i’m sure everything fits.


I’m about to cut something interesting.
Thread can await a weird stuff from me in hours’ time.


Are you able to use the circles cut out as the playing pieces?


I’d think they’d be too small… fall through the holes

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That is true. You could make a smaller version that the cutouts from this one would fit.

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Indeed, they are too small, the diameter has to be the distance between the center of 2 holes. So even if you could cut them with no waste they would be too small.

Even then you have the entry holes of the router bit so the cutouts aren’t nice circles. I think they are going in the firewood box.


ad inifinitum to the nano scale :slight_smile:


had this exact idea the other day


I thought the same thing!:grin:


You could glue them up for a plywood turn on a lathe. People have made interesting vases and things that way.