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What router vacuum should I use?


might try this connected to a dust cyclone.


Finally got around to hooking it up. It works well. No more piles of sawdust everywhere. I have a 5 foot hose between the cyclone and the shop vac, and a 20 foot hose between the cyclone and the router. I added some copper wire to the outside of the hose and tied it to my house ductwork which is grounded to keep the static from getting excessive. With my 20 foot shop vac hose, I got a bunch of different end connectors, and I cut a 1.5 inch hole in the side of one of the ones I didn’t need, so now I can just slip it over the router’s dust port and bungee it into place when I want to attach it. Not getting any dust inside the shop vac when it’s running, except for when I was cleaning up the floor and tried to suck up a wood block which was a bit too large, It got stuck in the cyclone and blocked the bucket :slight_smile:

Here’s some pictures.

Unistrut/OSB Frame in very small shed

Bosch RA1172AT Router Dust Extraction Hood Kit will be best vacuum router!


While that looks like a nice unit, Bosch claims that’s specific to a couple models of their routers. Have you tried it on a Ridgid?