Working Desk - Picture wasn`t uploaded

Hi, i create a project in the CG, but the picture/foto wasn`t uploaded. How can i edit this and upload another picture? Greetings, Axel

The picture is saved to the top level of the project space as mainpicture.jpg. I assume if you just add one there it will show up.


The same thing happened to me, and this fixed it (uploading a picture with the name “mainpicture.jpg”).

If this has happened multiple times, is there maybe a problem with the project creation process?

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I’m sorry about that, thanks for uploading! I will look into why the upload didn’t work.

Here’s a quick video that has a bunch of general info about creating a project:

Specifically @jwolter and @creigpat are right that you want to upload a picture with the name mainproject.jpg by clicking the button here:

I’m also happy to do it if you just want to post the picture here.

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Hi Bob, the hole time when i try to upload the new picture i get this message. Whats wrong? If you can upload the picture, here it is. Greetings, Axel


Hi Bar, sorry for the Bob in the former mail!

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Hi, is there anyone who could tell me what i have to do to upload the right picture for my CG Project? I get this message that i need push access to upload files the whole time. How can i get the push access? Thanks, Axel

I uploaded the picture manually, but I would still like to figure out what went wrong.

Did you receive an email inviting you to access the repository like the one shown in this video a little after 2:20 in?

Hi, thanks for uploading. No, i didn`t get an mail like this, maybe it was in my spam. I only get 2 mails, one to verify my mailadress, and the other was a “Welcome to GitHub” mail.

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Very strange! I will look into what went wrong. Until then I can invite you manually, what is your github user name?

Hi, its AxelsGitHub, thanks!

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You should have an email inviting you to the repository!