XY Driven Capability aka Big Etch a Sketch

Hello all I am Williams Dad and my interest in the Manslow design has more to do with art than CNC. William is four and has only about 2% control over his body’s muscles. He still loves, like most little boys, to draw. I want to take something like a child’s stand up easel

and mount a Manslow design set of servo motors on top. The carriage would be able to hold a pencil, or marker. Which brings me to my first question. Is there an XY manually driven capability existing. Kinda like building a large etch a sketch?

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A search on Giggle for ‘vetrical drawbot’ will give a couple of results.
An actual Kickstarter is here (be aware of the risks of Kichstarter):

The Maslow is highly ‘overpowered’ and oversized for this job.

Thanks for the in put. That draw on the wall printer head carriage is a novel idea, but I’m more for kicking my own starter. My intent is not to use a full size kit Maslow kit, but to build a scaled version, appropriate for the application. That uses the same developed geometries, and layout. If I can get a functional setup I envision using some canned g codes, a few french curves, that would initiate when he pushes his adaptive button. Essentially allowing him to scribble, just the same as we all learned how to draw. Then I’ll move him up to some canned circles, squares, stick people, ect


Perhaps here is a starting point:

Using Maslow-motors that pull 30 kg each and chains to move a pen just seems not right.
We have accuracy issues at the top middle and the low corners due to chain sag, friction and who know what.
Just think you could avoid plenty of the ‘Maslow-issues’ by taking an approach more suitable for your goal.


I’m sorry, I didn’t mean scale the size of the structure down, I meant scale the size of the everything down. That Drawbot link is an awesome start. Using 80 pound test spider wire is something I hadn’t contemplated. I was thinking single digits torque servo motors, and I really like JTs triple carriage tensioning system. I think I can use five or six wraps around a flat bottom grove pulley for drive traction. The nice thing about it being smaller is, once the servos are mounted, I can take it to a machine shop to get a high resolution measurement across the two servo axises.

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You got me thinking now :smile:
Break Strength 100lb | 45.3kg Diameter 0.020in | 0.50mm and “The no stretch properties of Dyneema® PE fibers” is some worth to look into.

I’ll start this off with I have two daughters with autism. One of my daughters had a chromosomal deletion that lead to poor muscle development. I got into wood working by building different devices to help her grow. The real equipment was too expensive and I did research and figured out a way to deconstruct the commercial rehab equipment and build it out of wood.
As far as a big etch a sketch, you can essentially do it now with no real modifications. You need to build a sled that is see thru (maybe Plexiglas). I have posted a design for a pen holder on here as well. You should build that out of plexiglass as well. Then, assemble the Maslow on a smaller scale (maybe 45inches square). What is left is just a little coding to have some sort of a joystick connected to a computer and have the Maslow move in the direction that he pushes it.


you may want to look at the coreXY architecture instead of the maslow

for drawing, the accuracy issues we are having probably won’t matter much


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