Z-axis commands trigger left motor

I have WebControl set up on a Pi4, Holey calibration installed. When attempting to adjust the z-axis, I get no movement, but I do get the motor whine (and no movement) from the left motor. Cables, seated, USB solidly connected. Power cables separate from other cables.

The left motor whine during a z-axis command is not uncommon. I don’t know what causes it, but its been reported quite a bit.

Does the sled move when you try x,y moves? Is there a red indicator in top right that says “fake servo”?

x,y seems to work fine. Assuming you mean the webcontrol ui? No fake servo indicator showing.

check to make sure the z-axis is enabled in settings.

It was enabled, but I did have WebControl Settings --> Diagonal Move Method set to On. I have turned it Off and my z-axis is now operating as expected. Or perhaps it was the WebControl reboot I did in there.

Thanks for your help.

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Hmm… that’s odd. Thanks for reporting it.