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Z-axis motor setup for silerline 1500w router

Hi i thought i would have a go and modify my silverline router to fit the z-axis and its working well.small bit of playing with setting the depth. but silverline 1500w routers in the uk are only £44 pounds so half the price of the Bosch. hope this helps some diy people out there

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that approach to drive the Z axis should work well.

and here is me religiously trying to keep my router bit in the center of the ring. The handles on the popular Bosch 1200 are unfortunately not removable. But apparently moving the router away from the ring not that big of a deal?

no, you absolutly need to keep the bit centered in the ring. If you can’t do
that, you need to either change the router or replace the ring with one of the
linkage options.

David Lang

we used the bosch unit and dismantled the thing cut the handles of with a saw to get rid of them then fitted up all the z axis bits and have had no problems with it .

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yeah, that’s the process I am looking at right now. Too bad for the handles, but I am sure I will never take the Bosch out of my Maslow setup for as long as it remains operational!