Z-Axis Travel height issues

On my cuts, I’ve set my travel height to 0.1". When I load my Gcode into a gcode visualizer, the visualizer shows the travel movements at 0.1" above my material. But when I go to execute the cut, the router raises up 0.1" from what it’s currently cutting, then proceeds to travel, cutting through the material.

Is there a setting I might have turned on accidentally that makes the system read Gcode heights as relative instead of absolute?

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Also, I do have the most recent version of GC and the firmware updated to current versions.

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This is something that would be in the g-code, not managed by GC or the

David Lang


When the Z-axis moves up, does GC report the height as being +0.1"? Assuming your gcode is correct, this sounds like the z-axis might not be actually raising the router. This can be caused by the threaded rod slipping in the stock router setup. If you can provide some more information about your setup, that would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

On the gcode side, are you using the Maslow specific post processor? Are you defining the top of the material as zero?

Since it sounds like you are getting some cutting done, my initial thought of it being a z-axis movement problem is my favored culprit, but more information from you will help get to the root cause.

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