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Z-Axis upgrades Consolidation



@aluminumwelder do you have these online somewhere?


What is the length of this c beam? I was thinking of getting the 250 mm is that enough or should I get the 500mm ?


I’ll check for the 3d printed motor mount file.
A 200 or 150mm c beam is all you need. the difference in price is about $1.
250mm is over kill and 500mm is way too big causing a shift in center of gravity for no benefit.


stock travel is something under 50mm. You start to spend a lot of money to get
bits over 75mm.

note, that’s travel, you need some additional distance for bracketry and the

David Lang


Still can’t find where I saw the 3d printer files for the router bracket and compatible dust collection using a c-beam style z-axis. Our c-beam is en route from China, so now just trying to get things ready for it but can’t seem to locate those files. Since this is the consolidation thread, figured this would be the place to find em. Using the Rigid router and C-Beam from Ali Express below:


Replying to myself, is there anywhere besides Ali Express to order the 90 degree brackets to attach that C-beam to the sled? Shipping was MORE than the .49 each bracket was, and it doubled the cost of the order to ridiculous levels.


I found different Chinese 90 degree brackets on AliExpress (14.23 including shipping for a pack of 6). I think something’s busted in the shipping for the brackets linked above in this thread – for each bracket I added the shipping went up by $10!


I was talking about the length of the c beam they sell it at openbuilds in different lengths Will 250 mm be enough?


just remove the 4 bottom m 5 screws and buy longer m5 screws
drill holes through sled and bolt through
use 90-45-45 wood brackets for support


250mm is too much IMHO
200mm is good


that is a link to 4080 brackets which are 40mm wild, you would need to file down the stubs for it to fit in a 20mm extrusion. and drill new holes as well.


250mm is plenty for the z axis, 500mm would be too long.


Oops. I guess I’ll be ordering some different ones then! Thanks for the correction!


The ones you posted are also 4080 brackets right? Is that not the right size for the chinese c-beam you linked to?


yes I posted that link, but when I got the brackets realized they need to be modified slightly to work. they are still a good value. the brackets that do fit the 20mm wide aluminum profiles are very small only about 1" tall, so pretty much ineffective at supporting it.


Oops and oops because I quickly ordered those ones @johnboiles posted… Guess I’ll be filing!


Just ordered from AliExpress:

“Should” arrive by 11/17! Good thing I don’t need instant gratification!!


Mine will arrive on Monday. I’m looking forward to taking all the great ideas and making my own assembly.

Thanks everyone for all you input.


I’m joining the crowd. I decided I wanted to build a Maslow for my own projects at home and a better z-axis was high on my list.


Wow! This is really great. The z axis has been one of my bigger concerns with the Maslow but this looks like a good solution. I’m waiting for my maker made kit and I think I’m going to implement this solution as my z axis from the beginning.
Placed my order for the 250mm z-axis c-beam. Woot!