Zoo Elephant Project

Hello! Thought I would show off the 96 Elephant cut outs I made to bring attention to the poaching epidemic in Africa. 96 Elephants a day are killed in Africa. I wanted people to have a visual representation of what this looks like. I cut out 96 Elephants, and my team painted them grey and attached stakes to put them in the ground. Children painted them to make an ugly truth something we can learn from to help spread awareness. The Day was a huge success!


Wow, impressive and informative. You cut them all with the Maslow or just created a template? I wonder how many bits and sheets of wood that took?..

I replaced the bit halfway through. The first bit was used for several other cuts. The second bit is still sharp enough to use. I used 13, 5mm boards. I cut 8 per board so I would have a few extra. I decided to not make just a template so i could do other work in the garage while keeping an eye on the Maslow.