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Arcade Cabinet Plans


I cut out 460mm x 260mm for a 20 inch monitor.


Y not put in the wall


I made one bye hand 4627046427979601255?account_id=1 (311.0 KB)


Is that the Vigolix? The half sheet one player sit down machine?


Yes it is the vigolox 2x4 1 player.plan on doing more with the maslow with some engraving 3x6 2 player. I have the plans if anyone needs them but they r everywhere on the net


Those Vigolix cabinets are probably easier and faster to cut by table saw.

They’re probably the perfect home units, but they wouldn’t stand up to commercial use.


I am accidentally still working on this at the moment…


Any updates on the Gcode for the complete Konami 4 player cabinet? Sorry for the anxious, but I was able to score a new control panel for a Konami 4 player cabinet and simply need to add the cabinet. Would love to use the Maslow to cut a cabinet and add the control panel for a complete setup. Please let me know if you have something to share - the idea of the Vewlix clones is also great and looking forward to its progress.


Still working on control panels. My area had a nice stretch of 100f+ heat index days and doing cuts wasn’t a safe option.

I do have progress though:

Haven’t checked the button holes or stick pockets, but the outer dimensions are dead on horizontally and only short by 1/16” vertically. This one may be usable. Also need to change a workflow thing


Great work. Looks awesome. Sorry for the impatience - how long before a Gcode for an entire 4 player Konami cabinet is available? The 27" LCD version (4 player cabinet) also sounds awesome the the Vewlix clones as cabinets you plant to work on. I know it is a lot of work and it is appreciated - just very much looking forward to having options for Gcode and specifics that will allow the Maslow to generate full CNC arcade cabinets. Can’t wait!


Any updates on the full cabinet plans?
Thank you!


I was gone for a couple weeks and I still haven’t gotten to correct my top bar.

I’m going to say don’t expect any full cabinet plans for a LONG while. We’re going to be talking about months. I (and a lot of other people) have greater need for me to get 4 player panels of all kinds set up.

Example: My Captian America & The Avengers dedicated cabinet control panel was made out of literal OSB in the 90’s. It’s starting to crumble under it’s own weight. Turns out that nobody has bothered to measure out this thing because of reasons. So that’s what I’ve been on today.

I need to set up a cut for one of these, an X-Men 4p panel, and another TMNT so I can use up the MDF sheet I have up before I finally get to switch my top bar to Unistrut.


Thread Necromancy!

Turns out the need for control panels is even greater than I expected, so I had to do some workflow testing and other nonsense.

I messed some stuff up and ended up losing a control panel, and the bottom right was just me testing tolerances. I actually know what to do with this now and should be able to get five konami panels out of a sheet easily.

(And yes, there are calibration benchmark squares there. My most recent benchmark was 0.78 - 0.13)


Looks great! Are you willing to post and share the file for the control panels? Any updates on the full 4-player Konami cabinets? Anxious to have a verified gcode Maslow file for a full Konami cabinet! Thanks.


Cabinets are a LONG ways off. They’re also sized in a way that it may be best for a template to be built for whatever is being cut. As for control panels…K4shouldbegood

There are some oddities in that file because makercam/partkam was doing weird things on import, but you should get pretty good results off of that.

It also turns out that there’s people looking for other types of control panels. I’ve been working on designs for that too. I’ll be testing those out in the next few weeks.


Howdy! Wondering if you’d share the g-code for the 4-player panels? I’ve been timkering with some cabinet builds I hope to share


Would love to see some g-codes for the control panels and some cabinet builds…Matthew - please post the g-codes for the cabinets you are working on; would love to see the work!


I’ve been on weather/light hiatus since November. There’s a .svg in my last post that you can use to generate your own GCode though. The squares around the bigger holes need to be around .30” deep.

I’ve been getting different panels to rebuild from and I’m HOPING to do a test cut with what I’m making soon. The rare days where the weather broke in the last few months were all consumed by more important things.


Excluding the big sheet of plexi, my Maslow has been sitting like this since October 30th.

That older design I posted was actually used on some machines that were sold out of Columbus not too long ago. The panels I cut out and t-molding routed ended up being around 97%-98% accurate.

Newer build I have ready for test is a bit tighter on locations and has marking for where to place the clamp brackets.