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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


This is what I got


So do I just connect the reds to my power cable?


You’ve got a capacitor
Thats needs to be also wired in
You will need a continuity test to
Trace which red wires goes to brown and blue and identify them with tape or marker pen, cut the wires from the switch and join marked reds to brown and blue


Thank you Ned - I’ve followed your idea with my old Bosh 1614 and used part of Maslow z-axis kit. Works very well. Tip: I had to enter minus one (-1) in Settings z-pitch to have correct Rise and Lower button. Also I have to cut off handles to fit into ring and print small distance plate to align rod axis ( I have 1mm pitch rod - but it is too slow, I will exchange it into 2m)
Here are two pictures to illustrate:


Very nice!


I just noticed that bracket from Maslow z-axis kit is a little to bendy. When rod is turning and pushing body of router down, bracket bends down, gives up a little (maybe 0.5 - 1mm) and misalign motor. Precision of movement is not great. Maybe printed reinforcement will help …:wink:


Just make sure the coupler pushes onto the body as the bracket shouldnt do any work…


Hi Benji.

I’m over in NZ and would be keen on the spare if it’s still available.



Hey mate, alas the last spare has been taken up. I’m not going to have time for another run right now. But I suggest you download Ned’s files and get in touch with someone like and see what it’s going to cost in the meantime. The one’s I’ve had made in Nylon were about $25AUD.

Will keep you posted if I have time to do another batch.


Did you end up updating the files? I can put them on thingiverse so they have the maslow logo…
Might also pay to post them on the Community Garden like Bar suggested the other day?


Yes I have, but haven’t had a moment to scratch myself beyond putting things in the post. Will look at that hopefully tonight and send through some files. Yeah the garden sounds like a good thing to do to. Was wondering if you wanted to help me with a set of instructions two. I haven’t had time to do anything with the photos I took when I did the disassembly yet. But hopefully I can and we can put it all up there somewhere.


If you put them in the garden it’s easy for multiple people to collaborate on updating instructions, links to where to buy things…etc :grin:


Man, I wish I’d seen this comment 20 minutes ago :slight_smile: Now I have a handle-free POF 1200, with two visible red-wires where the handle used to be, but no visible black wire, so I guess I need to get under the MAIN green body.

How does the entire main green part come off? You have to remove the screws from under the body (the ones screwed up into the body from the side where the collet is), right? I stripped one of the screws trying to get at that with the base in the way :confused: Bit stuck now :confused:

Any ideas on how I can access the power wires, to re-route them?


Yes you have to remove the screws from under the body. This how to was linked way up in the thread:

Good luck


And remember the hidden screw behind the black sticker :slight_smile:


Im a newbie just making my Maslow purchase.

What size Shaft Coupler do i need for the Z Axis kit if I am buying the Bosch POF 1200 AE?



Depends on the size of your lead screw, 8mm for the one included in my kit.


Thanks Dag…still not sure which one to order. I dont even have a lead screw yet.


8mm works best, the nut on the lead screw is exactly the right diameter to fit in the housing of the bosch router.


yeah, order the 8mm one and order an 8mm lead screw and you’ll be in business


Thank you Dag. Stick me on your list for the kit please.