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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


So I’ve spent a bit of time with the ring kit and the router over the weekend and I reckon that it shouldn’t need to saw off the whole of the handles for it to clear the feb kit ring. By my rough measure and test it looks like trimming 1.5-2cm off the bottom should be enough. Which is below the first screws. What that means is no messing with the trigger and wiring. With any luck it should be easy to plug the holes with either a 3D printed plug or sugru.

I’ve also gone through the process of removing the unnecessary parts from the router and fitting the coupling and lead screw. My correct coupler hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t test the motor but everything else about the Nylon prints looks and feels good. The photo below just has the kit coupling and motor placed on loosely for looks.

I’ve also photo documented the process so when I have a clear evening I’ll write up a rough how to.

For those in Australia that have passed me their details about getting a Nylon print i’ll get the batch cost this week and be in touch. With any luck they’ll be made before the weekend and I can send them out asap.

Router Recommendation (Australia)

Does the nut not fit in the other way round?


D’oh, yeah that’s what you get for doing things at night. It should flip around.


But the middle of the night is the only time i get any work done, otherwise i’d have completely no time :slight_smile:


Yeah but not having had sleep for two days with a toothy 1yo makes for not a very good engineering brain. I was too tired to be doing the teardown but determined. Ah time…


Haha, got the exact same problem right now, it will pass i hope :wink:


Yeah sleep will come…eventually.


Looks like the mounts are being printed Monday/Tuesday, then beadblasted and dyed black. I should have 10 sets in my hands hopefully by Thursday and then I can post them out Friday. I’ll get in touch with everyone who’s ordered one mid week and confirm exact costs/postage etc.


So finally got my maslow, and decited i wasn’t gonna use the router for anything else, so i cut off the handles. Will need to cut some other parts too if i want to keep the ring in the centre of gravity.


Apologies for the lack of update yesterday. Have been waiting to hear back from the mob fabricating the mounts for me. They’ve been backed up and they’re printing them today. With any luck I’ll have them by the weekend or monday at the latest at this point. Apologies that the time has slipped to everyone who’s on the order list. Hopefully they’ll arrive quickly and I can send them on ASAP.


heb jij dat klein zwart blokje ook terug bij aangesloten dat aan de schakelaar hangt


Ik heb de schakelaar gewoon vervangen door een lusterklem, moet nog een relais ertussen zetten om te kunnen shakelen. Ik gebruik nu een doministekker met een ingebouwde schakelaar. (niet aangeraken, deze zijn niet gemaakt om onder last te schakelen)


dank u heb het gisteren getest en bovenfrees werkt


ik krijg steeds de melding ?


Hey all in AU/NZ that are waiting on the batch of mounts being printed. I found yesterday that the crew making them had production issues with their giant printer and they’re backed up. They’ve promised that I should have the parts today/tomorrow after bead blasting/dying is finished. Fingers crossed. Apologise that it’s been delayed again. I know how keen everyone is.


All good thanks for the update


AU/NZ folks, they have arrived! I will have one spare. I have 8 people that have DM’d me with address details so I will have one spare set if anyone else is interested. If I’ve missed anyone by accident then please get in contact with me by DM.

They ended up costing pretty much bang on $25 each which is what I’d hoped. I’ll be in touch with people tonight about postage/payment. I’ve got to make up some packaging for them all tonight.

Will be in touch.


Hi Benji, Would be interested in your spare if possible. Tried to DM, but was unable.



I am making the same mod on my router, but i am unsure about the wiring from the power switch. Could you tell me how you wired the router up and if you kept the small black part in (I suppose it is a capacitor)


I had no capacitor at the switch,
Traced red wires , conectect them as required