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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


Cheers Ned. Ordered…cant wait.


When do you think you will have these available please Dag? Got my frame set up. just working on the Bosch 1200 AE and sled. Would like to get it all up and running including the Z Axis.


they are :), i just forgot to send bar a pm to put them back up in the store.


Awesome. Let me know what to do and I will make an order.
Doing my router today, scanning through the videos and forum, for sure needs an update.
Shame there isn’t a refreshed topic for it, bring it all together maybe.


Good point, i’ll give it a go when the kids are in their beds.


Would really appreciate it. I can send fresh photos of my just out of the box router if you need it.


Would you be interested in taking some detailed pictures when you’re doing your conversion?


absolutely no problem.


Hi Guys, new here, waiting for my Maslow kit to arrive and already have a Bosch 1400.
Have been reading the forums regarding the handle issue, and also not too keen on cutting off the handles, i reckon i could get a local machine shop to laser cut me a larger ring to accomodate the handles, just wanting to ask if it would cause any accuracy issues increasing the diameter of the ring?
And also would i need to make any changes when setting up the machine?
Thanks in advance


As long as you get the ring cut accurate, you should be fine. The rotation radius is measured during calibration and also can be set manually in the settings, so no obstacles from the software side.


If you don’t wanna cut off the handles, i’d sugest dlang’s linkage kit. It should be big enough for the bosch, though i haven’t seen any pictures yet.

I wasn’t too keen on cutting the handles off either, but if i should ever stop using my Maslow, i’ll turn the router into a router table, and then I wouldn’t need any handles either.

The smaller the ring the better, so making the ring bigger would make the rollers jerk more when they build up force to start moving.


Thanks guys, was figuring to make the ring 310mm inner diameter, increase of 50% in size, was wondering with the bigger surface area about the jerkiness of the rollers, might give it a try anyway and give feedback.
I did see earlier in the forum @Dag83 you made a linkage set up with arms about 40cm to pass the handles, how did that work out?
Also was wondering about the centre of gravity with the linkage kit?
Kit has landed but our postal service was on strike and now there’s a backlog :frowning:


The 7" dlang top-mont kit will clear the ~ 30cm wide handles of a Bosch GOF2000 CE
Just an option :slight_smile:


Not really, it was big and cumbersome, and not really precise enough to be an advantage.
But please give it a shot, or buy dlang’s kit, that one’s proven to work.


Hey, everyone, I just created a wiki page for the Bosch POF 1200 AE. I used another page as a template, but as I don’t have a POF 1200 AE myself, I can’t confirm all the information. Those of you who have experience, can you take a look and update the page? If you’re not comfortable modifying the wiki (it really is easy), post your corrections here by replying to this post or including the text “@jwolter”, so it will get my attention, and I will update the wiki page.


Hi @jwolter
The wiki page is great to see! But you have it priced very high. Here in Aus it is one of the cheapest routers at $129aud which makes it a great option for us here.


Over here it’s around €110, last week there was a promo and they went for €80 on a webstore.


Thanks for all the help guys, greatly appreciated! Once the kit arrives, will start playing around.

I’m in South Africa and the Bosch POF 1200 also a really affordable option here - equivalent to about 80 Euro’s
Another pro for the Wiki page is Ned’s mod for the Z-axis and it seems to be available all over.


Except for the us :slight_smile:


Yup, that’s the price of the GOF 2000 CE. I didn’t have a price to put in there, but thanks to you, @Dag83, and @DemK, I can update that and add a pro. I still need folks to give me feedback on the items with a “No” in the “Checked?” column as well as the pros and cons. All of the cons are for the GOF 2000 CE, so they may not be accurate, and I have only the one pro from DemK.