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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


mint :slight_smile:

Mine is press fit, though i tuned the numbers of the model to my printer and my shaft to get a TIGHT fit, but that likely doesnt mean its the same for everyone else with slightly different shaft shapes and sizes and paint thicknesses and printer settings etc etc etc, so was just curious more than anything


Press fit didn’t work for me… Using glue solely neither.
I fitted it with stuff I found in my “Ikea not used”-box:

Anyone happen to know the name of these little things?


Hey all, got the z axis installed and tried to cut new sled, all appeared to work but was not cutting to full depth.
I check i had set cut depth right, but turns out z axis is at max depth close to although router still has capability to plunge another 15-20mm.

I used a 250mm acme screw with 2mm pitch. I adjusted z axis setting to -2.00mm, is that correct? Also should i cut off roughly 15mm from the lead screw to allow for the plunge or is there another issue at play im missing? Thanks again


I think a 250mm screw bottoms out, try unscrewing the base and see if it goes all the way down then.

The 2mm depends on your lead screw, mine has 4 treads, so 1 rotation lowers my router 8mm

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Thanks @Dag83 you were correct, i have cut 30mm off the lead screw and things are working great :grin:


Now I’m happy I dont want to cut the handles of too :heart_eyes: all i need now is a full maslow set with new ring :stuck_out_tongue:and im good to go !

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I think I found them:


Your the best! A 100 pack, that’s for the rest of my life :slight_smile:

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Hi, sorry im late to the party. I just recieved my Maslow. I’m in Australia. So whats the best solution these days for using the Bosch with the maslow? I already 3d printed the parts and sourced the other parts for the z axis kit. But is the consensus that the handles need to be cut off? Or can I get away with only cutting the 40mm off the bottom of the handles?


Has anyone thought of a new 3d printed dust extractor so it doesnt get in the way of the ring kit? That way the router can have only the one handle cut and the power handle goes down towards the cut out of the ring kit?


Im not using mine with the ring kit, so hard to say, but cutting the handles off is pretty easy (and it’s only a cheap router anyway)

3d printing a dust extractor setup would be cool, but nobody has gotten around to making one yet? or at least not shared it to my knowledge


We cut the handles off ours. It is indeed only a cheap router. We attached the supplied dust extractor adapter to the baseplate and connected that to a shop vac. Works well, but sometimes the material we are cutting peels away into little strips, instead of just dust, and these strips can block the inlet to the extractor. Keep an eye on it and pause the job to clear the inlet if necessary.


At the moment im working on an idea to just cut off the dummy handle and rotate the router with the trigger handle pointing down. I cut about 30mm off the dust extractor with a hacksaw and have a plumbing right angle elbow to route the dust extractor down in the direction of the trigger handle. At first glance it looks like it might work. Ill keep you guys posted. But like most other people here in the end ill have to cut the other handle off.

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So my re-routing of the dust extractor still fouled the rollers. But I can say that the ring kit does just fit around this router with the handles off. Literally 1mm clearance to roll past but it works!!! I do have a couple of questions though. I am only getting 40mm plunge but I’m sure I read somewhere on this thread (there is so many posts so I apologize I can’t reference it) that this router is capable of 55mm? Plunge depth. Also what thickness ply are people using for their sled? And are you using the tips maslow recommended or longer ones or extensions? Sorta new to most of this. Thanks for all of your help! :slight_smile:



I have been working on getting this uploaded somewhere.

I put together a sled very much like you are talking about, with the POF 1200 mounted on its side. I off both handles, but only because I didn’t know how it was going to turn out when I started.
Hopefully, that link will work for you. Let me know if it doesn’t.

I’m not sure where you are. I’m in Melbourne and can cut you a sled if it helps.
I cut mine out of 12mm.
I find that I need to add 13mm stickout to the depth I require cutting, such that if I need to cut 12mm deep, I need 25mm stickout. I use GWizard to work out my Feeds & Speeds.

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Ive tried extension,
But I had problems with excessive vibrations and noise,
End up using longer bits

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Hey Ned, thanks for sharing. I’m in the UK can i ask how is the depth accuracy? Reading through the Maslow forums there seem to be issues with depth accuracy that are not resolved? Is there also not a way around cutting of the handles of the 1200, seems a little harsh :slight_smile:


you can go with a linkage kit or get a custom size ring cut. The top mount kit
that I sell will clear 12" wide handles (and could be made to fit any size)
Shipping out of the US costs as much as the kit ($35 for shipping, $35 for the

If you can find a place on your continent to get them cut, I’d be happy to help
you establish yourself as a supplier there.

David Lang


Hi Thanks for the quick reply. Could you post the links? Thanks