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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


That is Amazing – to me, one of the best parts is that the Maslow Powered-Z doesn’t interfere with the operation of the router in any way (you still can plunge it manually, so unsnap it from the sled and snap it in the router table and go) and, unlike my Ryobi, there isn’t much backlash and it’s nice and solid. Great work! Now to find one on this side of the pond


Ran into a problem after some testing
The raise and lower on ground control
Are in reverse on the router
I.e when ask to lower on ground control the router does the opposite it raises
Any thoughts anyone
Reversed the wires on the motor?
Software fix?
Gearbox fix?


Yes! You can put a negative number in for the thread pitch :grin:


To clarify, I’m talking about this setting here:


ill try it tomorrow morning


Yes that worked
Thanks Bar


Now for my next upgrade
Z - Probe


Hey… is this 220V only, or can it be switched to 120V?
I’m going to Germany, so maybe I’ll pick one up there…


Hi they are only 220v


would this hack be appropriate for the Bosch 1400 ACE as well ?


Yes it would but it has the standard 15mm fine adjustment fitted
You would need to strip out the factory fitted adjustment
And install Neds modification to gain 40mm of adjustment
And cut off the handles and re-route the power cord


When I bought the z-axis kit there was a choice of coupler target shaft diameter. I chose 8mm. My original coupler fits the acme screw.

Might be worth doing designs that accommodates the different options for the z-axis kit couplers. Not volunteering you to do the modification @Ned, just throwing it out there.

I had to cancel my order for the Aliexpress coupler and order from a new seller. The original seller canceled shipment mysteriously without refund.

Here’s an alternative seller coupler


Doesn’t AliExpress keep payments in escrow until you confirm receipt or enough time passes? Report the seller and see it it really works. Even it it’s a modest sum it’s worth reporting the crooks


I tried making a sled with linkages today for the POF1200, turned out pretty huge i think (each link is 40cm between the holes, but otherwise the bottom links would tougch the handles if they’re all the way down. A ring would be more compact i think.
Now i just need the 3d printed parts, the frame, and my maslow package, i believe i’m be right on schedule :slight_smile:


Yep, I reported it and got a return. Just giving a heads up that people may want to try the other seller of that part.


I’ll redesign it tomorrow when i have project night with a friend. Will be a good opportunity for me to tidy up the model as well and i’ll post the design online if others want to modify it to suit whatever they want.


Found a potential Aussie supplier of this ‘trapezoidal threaded rod’ which looks suspiciously similar to the popular ACME thread.


that’s probably the metric equivalent. (30 degree angles instead of 29 degree
angles and metric dimensions), roughly equivalent but like other metric threads,
not interchangable.


So you could use the metric for the innards of the POF 1200?


just get a matching nut.


there is nothing in the POF 1200 that connects with the lead screw. you have to put the nut in too, so just use a tread and nut that are compattible.
But i don’t see why you can’t just use a normal M8 threaded rod, normally i would think about the backlash, but the springs in the router push back pretty hard so that would be almost eliminated. I just got an idea to experiment with tomorrow morning to make it even cheaper and more accessible.