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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


Just comparing the GOF 2000 with top link :slight_smile:


you could use just a M8 or other threaded rod, but the trapazpidal thread is
designed for pushing and pulling things, while the normal threaded rod is
designed for fastening things.

also, the trapizoidal threaded rods have a steeper pitch, which will move the
router more per turn, hich is a good thing with the slow motors we have

it will work, but acme/trapizoidal rod is an upgrade


@gero the angle of the picture may be throwing things off, but that doesn’t look like the chains are pointed at the bit, it looks like they would meet somewhere below the bit. Is that just an optical illusion?

how well do the vertical arms clear the handle?


I’m not saying it would be the best solution, i just thought it would be good enough and cheaper.


I’ve redone the design to fit the original coupler. I just need to print it tomorrow to make sure it actually works (and im not at home near my printer) and then you guys can all have a go on it. I also figured out the limited range of the router (40mm vs 55 others were getting) and its the new collar hitting the inside of the housing, so i made the collar a touch smaller as well to stop that. You will need to just hit the nut on the sander/file to decrease its diameter as its the same size as the collar if you want the extra travel.

Fusion 360 Files if anyone is curious…
Mount File ::
Collar ::

I’ll update the STLs and link the fusion files on thingiverse once i’ve tested them


Couple things were a little tight, but ran out of time to print again (and its midnight here now) so will try have another print tomorrow to make sure it actually fits well.

On the plus side, it now fits both the standard coupler, and the coupler i bought from aliexpress. Plus its a little stronger as well, which cant hurt :slight_smile:


Hi Ned. Is the procedure for using a 1400 instead the same? Or do you think it would make it easier or harder. I’m considering it for the extra power light and so on. Greetings. Rasmus


Hey @Ned! Would you possibly do me the favor of measuring the base of this router? It seems like a great new one to recommend over the previous AEG but we want to be certain it can fit inside the new Ring System we’ll be sending out before we fully endorse it. Thank you!

**edit: read some more and it seems like the handles are what would be the issue? Am I reading that correctly?


When the router is all the way down the handles are a few cm above the sled. so the ring would need to clear the handles as well, those are 280mm across i believe, i posted a photo a bit higher. I wouldn’t like to be required to cut them off.

If they prove really popular, couldn’t you sell a Bosch sled kit, with the 3d printed parts, and the larger ring. It’s a lot of extra parts, so i wouldn’t expect them to be included as a standard.

Also, could you change your avatar to the maslow logo like Bar, just makes it look more official :slight_smile:


Surely we all know who Hannah is :stuck_out_tongue:
and as said above, the router is physically HUGE and including the handles, its 280cm/11" wide.
If you cut the handles off, then the base of the router is 160cm/6 3/8" wide

I have never held a 1400 in my hands, but i believe its all exactly the same


look at @gero’s pictures of the top pantograph clearing his machine, that’s
another option (and the arms can be made as long as needed)


honestly, i don’t really like the pushing/pulling in your design. It’s a good idea, but it depends on too exact a hole, and if it gets worn out after a while it will collapse like in that gif.


Would it be possible to get a set shipped to the Netherlands?



@Jakob_Lundberg Hey, i’m from belgium, and i still have to get mine made, shall i order 2 sets when i do?


Yes, please do.
Will those ones fit with the standard 8mm shaft coupler? I have yet to fully check how everything goes together :slight_smile:


Guys, the new files are on thingiverse, as well as the links to the fusion files… so download and modify as you see fit (please, just upload some photos here and/or on thingiverse)

When i made mine, i modified the print until it came out ‘right’ so depending on how accurate my printer is, and yours, the print may or may not come out slightly different, so if you need to fine tune it somewhat, you now can… The mounts dont have to be super accurate though, as its adds nothing to the accuracy of the print, as the mount JUST has to stop the motor from rotating, which it seems to do just fine.


Hi @Dag83 - I replied to your previous offer to get some made in Europe - please can you make it three sets (with one set shipping to Germany)?


Ok, anyone else? I’ll try to get it done this week. I’ll also try to figure out how to ship it as cheaply as possible.
No promisses on the quality though, i haven’t done any 3d printing before ever :slight_smile:


@Dag83 thanks a lot for your effort - please let us know the price before ordering them, as a few months ago when I put them into Shapeways it was USD 33 for just the main piece (in Nylon). Similarly, the quote for one set of all 4 pieces from makexyz (see screenshot) was EUR 95. If that is the case then the 4 pieces of plastic would cost roughly the same as the whole router so I would have to rethink.


4 pieces? I thought there were only 2

I got a quote for the first design a while back
1 piece is €18,45 for the top mount, and €11, 30 for the small one.
Bit if i order 10 it’s €12,87 and €6,5
In polyamide, which they say is the strongest.