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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


I think you are probably right - 2 pieces - there were just 4 pieces in the folder when I clicked ‘download all files’, maybe the other two are old files. That helps the price a lot.

I believe that polyamide = nylon which sounds good

Those prices work for me, especially if we can hit 10 orders. I think that so far we have just 3 orders I think, so we either need 7 more people, or need to take a risk and order 10 between us, which we could then sell on in the future? Maybe in combination with the rods etc to make a complete kit for modding a Bosch router.

Thanks again for getting this figured out and moving


I’ll look into making it a complete kit, maybe even adding @dlang 's linkages since they seem to be the only linkage/ring kit that works. But i don’t think i got the budget to build up some stock.


If we need to get some more orders to make it viable we can make up the difference and buy the rest and put them in the online store at cost. This is a really cool project and I’d love to help however we can.


Hey guys, it is indeed 2 files. The other 2 are the first version. Thought i’d leave them on there for the people that used those files before


what I did to get started was opened up pre-orders to get a bunch together and
make the first order of parts.

David Lang


@Ned So Maslow_Motor_Mount.stl and Maslow_Nut_Mount.stl are the final ones?

I ordered 10 T8 200mm lead screws from aliexpress ($4 each), i sent a mail to confirm the price to print the new pieces since they’re a little bigger (probably around €20 per set). When they arrive i’ll go find a box of screws (a few cents) to fix the nut mount and i’ll figure out what way to ship them the cheapest and easiest (no idea of the cost, i guess around €10). The idea is to ship them to europe only, I don’t think it would be economical to ship them to Australia.

I am moving in 5 weeks, so things will get hectic over here, but i’ll try to make this a priority :slight_smile:

Bar said he’d add them to the store when so they get sold more easily. I’ll keep you posted on the timeline.


yup, thats correct :slight_smile:


I tried making my own ring, with the circle jig included in the pof 1200. It was quite dificult to get the inside of the circle smooth. But i think it should work once i cut down the bolts.


Just an update, i ordered a test piece first, before ordering a batch, they turned out just under €20. The 3d printing guy said pet would be plenty strong, so i’ll try to break my test piece when i get it, and then order the rest.
The lead screws are in a container on a ship somewhere i assume. Maybe on a plane, with free shipping you can’t be picky :slight_smile:


for a good tear down video check


I love the way they reverse the cap to turn it into an adjustment knob!

Any Maslow for sale in UK?

Alas I do not have a Maslow, but I do have a 3d Printer and based in the Uk (not NZ)

So give us a shout if anyone this side of the world wants a set printed, its about 43g of plastic.


Btw for the nut fitting 4x M3 8mm goes in well.

also wonder if with a pipe cutter we can get more travel, still need to put mine together, I might need to adjust the nut as it printed very tight, maybe a couple of slits and a hose clamp if it fits.


UK part supplier for the 150mm 8mm lead screw
Look at this on eBay:

8mm ACME Shaft Lead Screw Rod + Brass T8 Nut CNC RepRap 3D Printer


300 mm is a bit much, 150 or 200mm are fine


Ok, the lead screws just arrived here from china, I didn’t order anti backlash nuts because the spring of the router already does that i assume.
The 3d printed parts should arrive in the following week from 50 km away. Guess that’s the way the world works today.
If they turn out fine, the final price should be €25 + shipping
This includes:

  • 200mm lead screw
  • The 3d printed part that goes into the router
  • The 3d printed part that goes between the router and the z-axis motor
  • 4 screws to fasten the internal part
  • My gratitude when i’m not stuck with a bunch of unsold kits :smiley:

I have 10 kits in the pipeline, if they sell out i’ll make some more

The guys at the customs office have been making something really cool with my maslow for the past week i assume, but if you want to be really sure that it really works you’ll have to wait till they are done so i can do some testing.


@Ned Thanks very much, all working with the latest files, and original coupling.


Test pieces arrived. It’s good, got 55mm of movement. need some small modifications and i expect them to arrive next week. The coupling in the video is smaller then the original maslow coupling.


Is this printed nut adapter just pressed or is it glued to the tube?

Bosch 1200 Z-axis height issue

i just press fit mine, but you could rough up the tube a bit and add some epoxy if you’re worried about it. Maybe drill a hole or 2 through it for the epoxy to fill into and grab into