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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


I had to lightly force it in place, then i drilled the holes with a 1,5mm drill, and then put 3mm screws into it which hold the nut, and clamp the nut adapter in place. I can’t get it to move without breaking it (or unscrewing).


Running it now for two months will no issues
Just orderd the standard Ring kit
Highly recommend Neds modification

Bosch POF 1200 Z-axis kits

Was it difficult to reroute the power in the router?


No there is a small pocket gap in the casing for the wires to sit

which keeps the wire clear of the moving shaft of the z axis


Im glad its going well


so kits are for sale


@Ned is it OK if I use your picture of the original install in the page that redirects to where @Dag83 has kits for sale? Giving you credit for both the picture and the original idea of course!


No problem. Put the youtube video on there as well if you want and get me some more views :wink:


Thanks @Ned! You got it!


No easy enough, drill a 14mm hole (see drill I used above :slight_smile: ), there is a cavity to put some terminal blocks to connect it back up. The switch on the router doesn’t lock in the on position anyway for obvious reasons. So it makes sense to bypass it.

Some one should do a video of the whole process and add it to the wiki.


Hey @ned and everyone here. I’ve finally got my Nylon sample made. Will be picking it up tomorrow.

I’ll be testing it on the weekend. Make sure the tolerances are good.

All going well I’ll get the batch made up. Will be in touch with everyone that’s DM’d me in Australia.


Damn! They look GOOOOOD!!!
But i kinda miss my “King of Kings” writing a bit :wink: but that maslow logo looks amazing!
There was an issue Dag83 found with the latest model, and thats that because of the mounting holes that were put in it (someone requested those, but forgot who) its a bit weak where the locating ‘nipples’ are, especially when printed the ‘right’ way up. (i print with the writing on the bed normally) as the layers can sheer off on the nipples.

Theres a file without those mounting holes (i dont actually like them anyway as they arent needed and get put under huge stress if you ever retract too far)

I’ll put the file on thingiverse actually and mark it appropriately


Heh, yeah wasn’t sure what the king of kings reference was. Felt like it needed extra Maslow love. I think the Nylon parts should cope with the stress as they’re dimensionally very strong in every direction but will test on the weekend.

I’ll update the part anyhow with the changes. Happy to pass back the Maslow logo’d files too to add to your repo. Also if you want one @ned am happy to post to you for naught as you set this ball rolling. DM me if you’re interested and I’ll send one out when the batch gets made.


Man, i’d 100% be keen on one! that looks amazing!
Do you know what machine it was printed on? And how they got that surface finish? because thats beautiful! Was it bead blasted after printing or is that directly off of the machine?

and yeah, send me the files and i’ll chuck them on thingiverse for everyone (i might hide a king of kings in there somewhere though :stuck_out_tongue: ) Might put it on the inside behind the coupler so you cant actually see it easily, but it’s there if i ever see one in the wild :slight_smile:

fyi, the king of kings is a long time running ‘in’ joke with a friend and i normally hide it on circuit boards i design at work, normally hidden under components or something and in software as an easter egg/digital signature thing.

Its hard to see on black PCBs, but its there


Consider it done!

It was printed on a HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 and then dyed in black after bead blasting. The gents over at Evok3d did it for me. The HP printers are ace, they can print huge volumes of really detailed parts and the finish is really nice.

If you allow me I’ll put a king of kings detail back into the part once I merge the changes. I’ll find a nice sneaky place to put it.


Yeah man, that would be mint.
Did you modify the stl, or the fusion file?
the modifications are just filling in the big mounting holes so they are solid filled again, so easy to do on the STL i assume? Or in fusion, just suppress these 2 features:


Did it on the Fusion file. Sweet, that makes things easy. Easy enough either way. Will post back the fusion files to ya when i do it.


If you guys are looking for a place to share files the Community Garden will give you the ability to merge pull requests, track issues…etc (thingaverse works too tho :grin:)


I printed mine upside down with support, worked well, as that way I thought the holes would come out better :slight_smile:
was wondering about the king of kings, thought it might be a religious thing :slight_smile:


To anyone that printed one, could i bother you guys for a favour? Could you post the photos on Thingiverse under ‘i made one’? Would be cool to see a bunch of photos there of peopl who made them and are using them :))

If you dont have an account or just cant be bothered, then dont worry about it, but would be cool if you had a spare 5 min :slight_smile: