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Bosch POF 1200 z-axis conversion guide


It’s all good, I managed to put it back and it’s working.
Going to try and get some time in the next couple of weeks to put the frame together and get the sled cut :slight_smile:


good day! Do you use a mill less than 6mm? I want to install a 3.175mm milling cutter in a bosch 1200 router, but I can’t find the right collet. what collet do you use for the bosch router?


You are looking for a 1/8 inch collet? Metric and imperial available for Bosch. :+1:
I would need to digg where I sourced them almost 2 years back, but the part number on the pic could help find them.

Edit: Sorry for the confusion. I went to the workshop to check and the smallest metric is 6mm and imperial 1/4 " ~ 6.35mm :frowning:
Reducers will work, but stated as ‘not recommended’ for long runs in several cnc forums. This recommendation might not apply to the Maslow because of our low feedrate and lower router speed.

Edit: What collets do you have? A 1/4 to 1/8 reducer like this might be what you are looking for:

However if you can find one with 8 ‘grooves’ instead of 1, like this
I would more trust in it and pay a possible + price difference.

FYI: The concerns in the cnc-forums regarding reducers are that they can introduce an ‘off-centre’ placing of the bit resulting in additional wear on the first bearing in your router from the bit side. Taking your collet apart and cleaning it with every tool change reduces that risk to a good extent. A ‘8-grooved one’ if you can find it help also, plus ‘fine-feeling’ in your fingertips while inserting the bit and tightening.

Edit2 links: This has at least 3 grooves:

This looks interesting as thinner bits are also usually shorter:


I’ve been looking into it, but haven’t found a good solution yet.


I have just ordered a 1/4" collet extension, and two 1/8" cutters with 1/4" shanks from Banggood. We’ll see how we get on once they arrive.


I’ve converted to spindle but would you consider to post links to the items you bought (might help others)?


Good point.

Previously I have bought a long bit from them, 3/8" diameter cutter with 1/4" shaft. It has arrived, but I haven’t tried it. As you know, the router is a lot farther from the material because of the sled, so a longer bit is required, or a bit extension.


That would solve 2 problems i’m having at the same time. Smaller end mills, and my z -axis bottoming out all the time.
I’m ordering some as well, i don’t see why it won’t work.


Ok. Let’s see how long they take to arrive. Me in New Zealand and you in Europe (?). I ordered mine yesterday. Go!


I ordered a collet, but have not yet verified


Hi there!
I received my Bosch kit and assembled it without problems (just had to widen the holes for the bolts with a 5mm drill). But now before starting the first job for my Maslow, I found one of the five distance wood layers, I obviously forgot to glue in.

Actually the metal junction thing, holding the motor shaft and threaded rod together - seems to be in there without being pushed together too much.

Should I be worried though? Thanks guys


It looks like you’ll be fine. just make sure the coupler rests on the part that touches the router.
The bolts do wear out and come loose after a while though. That’s why i made the holes a bit too small, that way the bolts are as tight as possible. I found out this weekend that i lost 3 of the 4 bolts holding the motor in place, so it might be a good idea to keep an eye on that.