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Buy motors for z-axis in europe


i forgot to buy the z-axis kit. Does somebody know if i can buy the motor somewhere in Europe.

Ups is pretty expensive if I order from the US. Also directly from China would be good.



I want to say I saw @Dag83 post something about selling zaxis kits but I don’t remember exactly what was In the kit.

No, the motor is not included in my kit. It is just a way to attach the standard z-axis motor to the bosch pof 1200.

I have seen some posts around here of the motor on amazon or ebay or something.

Does a Bosch pof 1400 also works? I bought that one now.

Can you point me to that links?

The 1200 and the 1400 should be almost the same internally, you still have to take it apart though to remove some restrictions and install the nut mount.

Don’t know if this one works, or fits my kit bit might be worth checking out


I bought this router:

It’s quite inexpensive but the quality is not bad. Haven’t tested much yet.
It has an adjusting mechanism very similar to the Bosch BOF. It’s possible to install a z axis motor in the same manner as being used in the Bosch BOF.
Furthermore, handles come out without the need to cut.

For the z axis motor I bought this one:

I didn’t check if it’s the same size as the one in the kit. Speed is not the same. I wanted to buy a slightly faster motor.

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You might want to put a fuse or such on that motor since it has such a high stall current. Wouldn’t want to blow a driver if it reaches a limit.

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The driver will blow faster than the fuse, unless you make the fuse rating
signifcantly lower, and that will be a drastic limit on the machne capablity.

Unfortunantly Bar engineered the motor controller to be running at it’s redline
in normal operation.

Here I also found the motor on aliexpress. These motors from maslow have 6 cables right?


I’m from Belgium, Europe, and me too, I don’t have a z-axis motor on my Maslow Machine, and would want to buy one.
Apparently in the Maslow store it is not available, unfortunately , as a separate part.
I saw some links in this topic on ebay and, but not realy sure if it is the correct , compatible motor.
Some of the links are no longer available either
Is there someone here that can point me to a source please?
Preferably a tested version, if possible, or clear specs.
Many thanks in advance


This link from seems to correspond to the same motor I bought and the link posted in this thread from (no longer available):

I’ve been using this motor in my Z axis with no problem.

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We will be selling z-axis kits on soon.

We are also setting up a shipping location in Germany to help get products to everyone in Europe faster.

Lots of fun stuff in the works.

Do you have any new information regarding the shipping location in Germany?
Thanks in advance! :grin:

Still working through some importation laws with Germany. We will have z-axis kits live on our site today though. International orders will ship from China and US orders will ship from Arkansas.


Has anyone found a z-axis motor in UK I can use? My current will go up when I press up the first time, but 2nd time I press up, it goes down. Then up next time, then down etc. Consistent. I’m assuming I have an incorrect motor…

I wonder if your encoder settings are wrong…

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