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Bosch POF 1200 Z-axis kits


Hi Dag

I too would like to buy a kit from you. I am in the UK and would like to pay via Paypal too. Please confirm the total kit £26.23 + p&p £11.37 to the UK is £37.60.

Can I PM you to pass on my email/paypal details?


yes, i still got 6 kits left, i’ll pm details.


Hi Dag,

I would like to buy a kit from you! Do you still have some available? I’m situated in The Netherlands.

Kan ik je een PM sturen? Dankjewel alvast voor je tijd.


Hi Dag. I would like to buy a kit from you if possible please. Are you doing the aypalthing discussed earlier in the thread? Thanks


Another NZ request if any left in stock


Im in Brisbane QLD and have a 3D Printer,
I Have printed one for myself and just finished installing it my my bosch router. If anyone needs the printed parts, I can easily do more. I don’t have any nylon currently but I have not had any issues with my ABS parts before.


Please can I buy the Bosch 1200 conversion Maslow kit - happy to pay any which way to suit you


It is €30 + shipping, for most of Europe this is €8,7

I set up a link, so payment should be easy. If you pm me your adress i’ll make sure it gets to you.

Please do not check the “Paying for goods or services? Tick the box and your eligible purchases are covered by our Buyer Protection.” box, since that changes the transaction to a purchase from a company, in which you have to cover the fees (just €1,5, but i’m making 6 cents per kit, so i’ll lose money if you check this).


Will this motor work with your kit?

The spacer I see in your kit, Is this the coupler that is needed to attach the treaded rod and servo motor together?


Well, it passes the following tests:

  1. It’s a DC motor, not a stepper motor
  2. There are six pins like the stock motor

Reasons why it might not pass muster, though:
a. It looks like a planetary gearbox, which will not prevent backdriving.
b. I don’t know how similar the encoder outputs are to the stock and whether the stock electronics/software can handle those.


It has 4 mounting holes, and the axis is in the center. The original motor has 6 holes, and the axis is offset. So physically, no it won’t fit, but the files are available to adjust if you want, just look in @Ned 's original tread.


Dear Dag83,

am I understand correctly that I need to order Maslow CNC Z-Axis Kit with 8 mm coupler to fit your kit?


Yes, the 8mm coupler fits, i have it as well.


Hey dag83. Ik zou ook graag zo’n z as kitje willen kopen. Ik ben net nieuw en kan blijkbaar nog geen PM sturen. Hoe lossen we dit op? Groeten Jeroen. Uit Lier btw… veraf?


Katelijne, als je wil kan je hem komen ophalen.
Really, this is the fifth maslow within 20km of me i think :slight_smile:


Hi Dag83,

I’m located on the Gold Coast Australia, and I would like to order one of your kits.

What would the shipping be to Australia?

Should I use the PayPal link? It seems like the shipping is for Europe…



I could try to ship it, but it won’t be fast, and there is the possibility of customs taxes as well. There are some forum members in new zealand and australia with 3d printers as well.


Hi noggin011,

I’m down on the Gold Coast, and have recently ordered my Maslow kit, and a Bosch 1200 AE.

Could you print me a set of the nut mount and motor mount? I’m happy to pay for any costs…
Where did you get the 200mm lead screw and nut?



Hi Dag83,

No worries, I’ll try noggin011 who is near by…



Hey Jim, Great to hear there is soon to be a new Maslow near by.
I’ll message you with some details about the print soon,

I got the lead screw and nut from Bilby 3d, they are a 3d printer supplier in Brisbane, They are available online.

Its about 1$2AUD plus shipping. It works great, I think I cut off about 100mm or so.