Bosch POF 1200 Z-axis kits

Hmm that’s truly frustrating…

I hope you get it fixed otherwise it is, even more, an incentive to get the second batch Z-axis kits now that you are kind of your own customer. :slight_smile:

All the parts are on route, so incentives weren’t nececarry :slight_smile:


All parts are in, i haven’t ordered the top mounts though, they were the biggest part of the price. Also mine broke, so i was questioning the strength. Maybe it’s my fault for dropping it, maybe it’s Newton’s fault for inventing gravity.

I’m trying to make them on my finally installed (yeey) Maslow. They are not done yet (some problems for another tread) but if you’d like, i can ship kits without the wooden part and you cut it out yourself, ofcourse the files will go in the garden when i’m done. But you need a 3mm bit to cut them, if you’re willing to wait a little i’ll ship them with the wooden parts included.

The price is half of what it used to be, at €15 now and they can ship in an envelope. I have both 200 mm and 150 mm lead screws. Don’t ask why, but that way i had free shipping from china. They will both work equally fine, but if you prefer a specific one, just ask, otherwise the one i have the most of in my box goes in the next package.

It’s just a few layers of 8mm plywood, bolted and glued together, and the tops of the bolts act as retaining pins to keep the mount from rotating.

This is not the final version


Hi Dag. I would really like a kit including plywood pieces :slight_smile: How much total with shipping to Denmark?

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Hi Dag. I am also intrested in the kit regardless if its plywood or 3d printed!

To the left my the old kit, to the right everything that’s included in the new kit.

  • 1 8mm lead screw, 150 or 200 mm as available, both work equally well. let me know if you got a preference
  • 1 8mm nut to go with the lead screw
  • 1 nut mount to attach the nut to the inner workings of the router
  • 4 screws to attach the nut mount in the router
  • 6 plywood pieces that form the motor mount
  • 2 M5x50 allen bolts that serve to both keep the pieces together and as retainer pins to keep the mount from spinning around
  • 2 M5 nuts and some washers to keep everything together

All this for €15 + shipping. I got to check it when i make a package, but if i get it to fit in an envelope it’s €7.8 for most of Europe and i save myself the trouble of looking for small boxes everywhere :slight_smile:

Before i get them sent out i need to get some stuff dialed in, the placement of the holes is not 100% right yet, they are the same on all the pieces though, so i’m suspecting my design skills still need some work. I’m not home this weekend or the next one, but i’l try to get some work done tuesday and thursday.


Cool. When you have the final price confirmed I will transfer you the money :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in the kit, but first I have to purchase the maslow Kit.
Two questions:

  • This kit seems not to “destroy” the bosch device, right? Afterwards you can dismount it and the bosch will work normally?
  • If I order the Maslow Z-axis kit, it asks me to select a shaft coupler. Do I need to select a particular one?

Thanks in advance for the information!

Hi Dag, like I said I am in as well. So let me know what shipping costs and I transfer you the money on PayPal. Do you have the cad file for the top mount? I haven`t used my Ultimaker original in a while… :slight_smile:

Not nececarily, but sawing the handles off in highly advised.
With the ring kit, the handles are in the way of the rollers. You could put the ring on the lowest position possible and not use all the travel distance of the z-axis and you might get away with leaving the handles on, but it makes it more dificult.
Either way, you need to open up the router to install the nut and your waranty will be voided.

And honestly removing the router from the sled is not practical. You could use the router sled upside down with the z-motor attached for a very precise router table if you’re looking for a way to more easily justify sacrificing a brand new router.

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Thanks for the info! Very clear, so I will sacrifice it :slight_smile: and order the Maslow kit. I will contact you later on for your kit and pick it up (I’m also from Belgium).

Aah, where are you from, i’m from sint-katelijne-waver

Kortenberg, dus dat is een 30km zeker?

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Hi Matti_Ermold, CAD files for printable parts are on my thingiverse thing. Fire that ultimaker up :wink:


Zoiets, mijn Maslow staat net ineen, altijd welkom om eens te komen kijken. Ik dacht dat er ook een maslow in Kessel-Lo staat bij @bartjelle (zet u mss op de kaart)

Ha, this is gonna be the fifth Maslow within bicycle distance of my house (not counting mine) :slight_smile:


Inderdaad in Kessel-lo is er een, maar voorlopig nog niet gemonteerd. Is een project voor in de zomer.

Thanks Ned you`re the best!

Hi Dag.

Did you figure out if it all fits in an envolope or if you have to go box style? When you have the total price ill trasfer you the money :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, last week has been really hectic, as a result i kinda crashed, just too much on my plate at the same time. So the doctor gave me a week rest at home, so tuesday is maslow day all day and i’ll get everything worked out. (don’t worry everything Maslow related is what i want to do to relax)

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No hurry on my part better that you recover and relax and perhaps drink some of the fantastic beer you have in Belgium.

Take care,


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