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Bosch POF 1200 Z-axis kits


Great thanks!


Hey Dag83,

I would be interested in this kit for the Maslow I just ordered to Germany. Do you still have stock?



3 left, time to order some more :slight_smile:


Now only 2 left :wink:


i’m sorry, when i took your box i noticed there is now only one left. Ordering some more parts tomorrow.

Who wants the last one?


Hi Dag83,

I’ll have the last one :slight_smile: Thanks !!

What’ s the total including shipping to Germany? Let me know and I will you the amount.


Great, i’ll pm the details.
Sold out, the next batch is ordered. I’ll post an update here when it arrives.


All packages have gone to the post office, sorry @Wildcards and @hesich, it’s been kinda hectic over here, so they just left now.


@Dag83 any idea when the next batch will be available? Would it be possible to preorder?


I’ll take reservations, i’ll let you know when i got all the parts together what it would cost.
I got an idea for version 2.0 :slight_smile:


Hi Dag.

Sorry for not getting back to you. The last two months have been crazy. But seems im late for the first batch. I would love to preorder for the second. When do you expect to have all the pieces ready for shipment?

Best regards



No idea really, depends on the chinese :slight_smile:
A couple of weeks maybe.


Ok. :slight_smile:

I can pay in advance if you want


Can you put me on your list please? Shipping to UK. Thanks.


Hi Dag, I was a bit quick transferring you the money already in my excitement of ordering the Maslow kit and the router. Could you reserve one z-axis upgrade for me too?

All the best,

Matti [quote=“Dag83, post:50, topic:3236, full:true”]
I’ll take reservations, i’ll let you know when i got all the parts together what it would cost.
I got an idea for version 2.0 :slight_smile:


I’ll put myself on my own waitlist too, finally got around to assembling my maslow, dropped the z-axis. A bit of glue holds it together now, so i hope it holds.
Kinda pissed off right now.


Oh that is so frustrating! I’m sorry :slightly_frowning_face:


Hmm that’s truly frustrating…

I hope you get it fixed otherwise it is, even more, an incentive to get the second batch Z-axis kits now that you are kind of your own customer. :slight_smile:


All the parts are on route, so incentives weren’t nececarry :slight_smile:


All parts are in, i haven’t ordered the top mounts though, they were the biggest part of the price. Also mine broke, so i was questioning the strength. Maybe it’s my fault for dropping it, maybe it’s Newton’s fault for inventing gravity.

I’m trying to make them on my finally installed (yeey) Maslow. They are not done yet (some problems for another tread) but if you’d like, i can ship kits without the wooden part and you cut it out yourself, ofcourse the files will go in the garden when i’m done. But you need a 3mm bit to cut them, if you’re willing to wait a little i’ll ship them with the wooden parts included.

The price is half of what it used to be, at €15 now and they can ship in an envelope. I have both 200 mm and 150 mm lead screws. Don’t ask why, but that way i had free shipping from china. They will both work equally fine, but if you prefer a specific one, just ask, otherwise the one i have the most of in my box goes in the next package.

It’s just a few layers of 8mm plywood, bolted and glued together, and the tops of the bolts act as retaining pins to keep the mount from rotating.

This is not the final version