Let's make v1.09 the most stable release yet

We’ve had the last couple releases be not as stable as we would like and so people are still running 1.03 and 1.04. Because this next release is going to be the first one that many of our new community members use, let’s make it rock solid.

To make sure 1.09 is stable we’ve got to test the heck out of it! We’re going to release an early version of it right now, and not make ANY changes unless they are absolutely critical bug fixes for issues that show up in testing.

I would LOVE help testing. I know that issues which don’t show up on my machine or my computer can show up on other machines or other computers.

The things that I can think of which we need to test are:

  1. Run the calibration process start to finish

  2. Run the calibration process start to finish with a clean .ini file

  3. Check the other features (set chain lengths…etc)

  4. Cut something out

I will be testing in the configuration that most of the new community will be using which is bottom feeding chains with triangular kinematics. I would love to see testing in that configuration and other configurations.

If you find some time to run a test let me know how it goes, and what your configuration was.

Here is the link to download the files:


Thanks everyone! Let’s welcome the new crew right :grin:


What is your setup like? Mac/PC? What operating system? It would be useful to test across different platforms.


I wish i could help test… maybe soon now. :slight_smile:



@bar is on Windows 10 on an older portable of some sort. I am coming up to speed quickly my problem is I have a Maslow but limited time I can use it because I have to work outside. I have the ability to test on multiple platforms as I support Windows/ Mac /Linux , I have multiple of each.

In the near future I should be able to report Bi weekly on my observations for the new builds on my website -


It’s a work in progress. Accounts are free. You should have a look at it.

Thank you

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What firmware will we run with it?
is there a Firmware update too,
Or can we run with last firmware version?

Just checked the Master on Github and it is 1.09. Is’t recommended to run GC and FW with matching versions.


Where can i find firmware 1.09
I can only see 1.08
Can you post a link to it?

Press the green button. Notice this is the latest, under testing. Use with care and preferably report back :slight_smile:

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Ups, that’s the .zip . Are you running windwos?
For the firmware it work anyway.

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thanks for that
Windows 10 on a Microsoft surface pro
will be just used for testing
and will be reporting back with findings


Just a reminder to ALL - The mismatch message is a warning not an error - it just informs you of a mismatch you can run in this configuration just acknowledge the warning. You will then be able to proceed in Ground Control.

Thank you

I thought from git mails it was taken out before I could try it?
Edit: @blurfl Is there still a way I can try it?

Not sure what you’re referring to, @Gero ?

I thought the speed warnings are taken out because they show up to much? Would still like to see it.

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I wasn’t able to get through the calibration process with the speed warnings in place because they were happening so much that they took down the serial connection (I think). I still think we should add them, but I am worried that putting them in this release will make it unstable


Here’s where I am at in testing 1.09. I’ve gone through the calibration process once and then moved immediately onto cutting something as a test.

I had a friend really like my dish rack so I offered to cut one out for her. I changed up how the base works to have many smaller pockets for the spoons to rest in instead of one big pocket. So I cut two bases. Hopefully my spoons will stand up straighter now :grinning:

With all the pockets and holes the cut took about three hours and wen’t smoothly and all the dimensions look good so far so good!


I think this link will get you the firmware that was reverted. Do note Bar’s comment above, though.


On the search for the holy grail of support, life takes strange paths sometimes.
I think my setup for tonight 1.09 run will check the capabilities of my hardware more then the Maslow :slight_smile:
However, every failure on the path to perfection is a lesson learned.
My Linux setup for calibration 1.09:


Using Windows 10 and 1.09 I have re calibrated chain lengths 3 times and the sled seems 2 inches off center vertically. If I start the test cuts will this fix the issue in that process?


Same here on Linux, or worse. I end up far to low to even attempt the test cuts.
The chain length is spot on with the marked links, the measurements close to real life.
With triangular selected the default rotation radius of 100 is used.
I think we could use a user selection at the start. We know the radii of all kits.

Continuing the series of most boring videos on Youtube, Screen record of calibration GC/FW 1.09 here