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Calibration Woes

51.28 will work for holey calibration with webcontrol. You will need to flash it if you want to do basic triangular cal

Well I have progress! @Orob I found your video on Makerverse calibration and watched you step through it. Looks like one thing I was missing was resetting the chains. I did the $RST=* command, reset chains, and then started fresh on the calibration. I was able to make it all the way through edge calibration without issue! :smile:


That is GREAT NEWS!! good job!

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Now to figure out the correct makerverse settings for the MetalMaslow Z axis. It is not behaving as expected…

yeah about that… I have one but have not set it up with the mega. I got it working with the due. There are settings in another post that worked for webcontrol that should be similar. The issue with the faster z motor is that you need to adjust the PID settings to get quick movement without overshoot.

try here:

I actually found this: C-Beam Axis with Metal Maslow Sled - #42 by Metalmaslow but I’m a bit confused on what to put on the z-axis tab during calibration as it doesn’t look like there is a spot for any of those numbers :exploding_head:

you can roll it back to the main screen and input the information there as long as you don’t wipe the settings the next time into calibration. You don’t have to put anything there if it works.

So I have successfully done edge calibration 2 times. Its not great, (currently at 19.6mm error). I want to give the precision calibration a shot, but can’t get the Z-Axis to do anything. Currently, if I tell it to move either direction, the left/right motors hum and Z stays put. I have tried adjusting the pitch and resolution settings on the Z-Axis tab, but no changes seem to help. I guess I will exit calibration for now and see what happens when I try adjusting the Z-values per the link above.

Another user just updated to 51.29 here and said it worked, but they had verified ground control worked before makerverse…

I got cold and left the shop last night :sweat_smile:. I never got accuracy below 19mm with edge calibration. Does that sound normal? It sounds way off to me.

I have a webcontrol image loaded on my spare sd, so I contemplated trying it tonight. But, since it uses holey calibration if I can’t figure out the Z axis then I’ll be stuck with it too, so it may not be worth the effort.

I didn’t know 51.29 was out. What benefits does it have over 51.28? Also, can you point me to their thread?

51.29 is not “out”. It is pretest prior to official inclusion. It is very similar to 28, but has spindle speed control and provisions for eastbay board detection. Your z axis isn’t adjustable in webcontrol like makerverse. You set your z axis pitch depending on the mechanism.

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and try webcontrol instead. Must say, I honestly think it is an easier to use interface. And, I can still run it in a kiosk mode chromium browser for my display too. (Maybe I’ll make a write-up on what and how I did that, I have a passion for writing documentation. Idk why.)

Not quite to the point of trying the Z-Axis (still setting chains) but I’m hopeful. Also MetalMaslow replied to my post on Facebook as well with some settings to use so hopefully I won’t have any issues :crossed_fingers:


I know I am rambling about replying to myself, but its cold out here! (I took the door off of my shop and haven’t built the new one yet :smile: )

My Z-Axis is working flawless now! I used @Metalmaslow suggestions of 18 pitch and 5400 encoder for the settings, and was able to move it and set zero right away. I feel like this is my biggest accomplishment. I just wish changing that in Makerverse had been this easy :sweat_smile:


Great news, way to stick with it.

Did you change any of the pid settings for the z axis?

No, I haven’t played with them any yet. I just did the basic pitch and encoder changes. I’m not super clear on what changing the pid settings will do, but it seemed to do fine on my test cut.

Just for fun, here’s an action shot of it starting it’s first test cut (the Maslow logo from the garden, on probably the oldest most warped piece of plywood I could find laying around at 1am last night :slight_smile: )

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And the final cut:

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There is one thing I noticed about WebControl in Kiosk mode vs Makerverse: You need a keyboard to enter a distance for the move commands. Otherwise it stays on whatever was last entered from phone/pc. Notice mine shows 25.4. I don’t plan to keep a keyboard connected, so I may have to find a movement distance I like. Makerverse had dropdown to select from a few (1mm, 10mm, 50mm, 100mm, etc.), which made it much easier to change on the touchscreen. Overall, I am happy though because I can still monitor the tool path and g-code as well as start/stop it without having to carry the laptop out or mess with connecting from my phone. Plus, since this is running locally on the pi, its less likely to lose connection in the event I do need to stop quickly if my phone were to time out the connection or something like that.

I am researching leaving the taskbar from the rpi desktop visible in kiosk mode and installing an on-screen keyboard. Though I’m not quite sure how it will all look with the available screen real estate. We shall see…