Fitness too low x 7 attempts on latest Firmware

If you disconnect the belts and then do “Retract All” what values does it print out?

When I hit “Retract All” it doesn’t show anything due to the fact it has the WARNING FITNESS TOO LOW. DO NOT USE THESE CALIBRATION VALUES! Warning I have to shut it down and restart it

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Gotcha, hmm that is annoying.

I’m 60% sure that this is the magnets slipping in the rollers, but it would be nice to be 100% sure before taking things apart.

If you just do Extend All followed immediately by Retract All what does it print?

It’s been a minute since working on the issue but discovered as I was extending the belt that screws where loosely sitting between each of the plastic belt holders to find out when going through calibration was causing the belt holders to not move freely after removing the screws and tightening them back where they belonged calibration finally successfully completed and I’m able to get back to cutting.