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Ground Control message continually toggles from "Connected" to "Not Connected"


I have 6 usb ports on the desktop, which I tried switching and only 1 on the tablet


Once you’ve gotten the ‘done uploading ‘ message, quit the Arduino program before starting GroundControl - they fight each other for control of the serial port…


Were you able to find the same COM port in Ground Control and by clicking Actions->Ports?


when you say quit you mean close out of it right?



When you finished step 7 in those instructions, what did the Arduino IDE look like? Were there any warning messages shown? A screen shot could help


OK - you are going to get different information here. It is all in an effort to find your problem. I respect @blurfl and he is very knowledgeable.

He is testing things from a different direction. I want you to test by wiping out the Arduino and having it test it’s self. This has the advantage that you will need to re install the firmware later. If there was a bad write in the original upload you will probably not see the issue a second time. This also will use the Arduino IDE to test it removing ground control from the equation.

With the Arduino plugged in -

Open the Arduino IDE - make sure the correct port is selected.

In the Arduino IDE go to files -> examples->basic->AnalogReadSerial

Then upload this file to your Arduino by clicking the right arrow icon at the top of the IDE program next to the check mark.

Once it finishes uploading click the square in the Upper right corner as shown in the picture below.

This will open the terminal window and should display a random group of numbers. If you are not seeing the numbers check the communication speed is 9600. This is shown in the lower right of the terminal window. It has a pull down if you need to change it to 9600 baud.

The goal is to get the window scrolling numbers and leave it that way for about 30 minutes. If it keeps scrolling numbers it means the system is maintaining a connection and we can look else where.

The other circle is pointing out the code that sends data to the terminal window.

Let us know the results of this test.

We can proceed from there.

Thank you


there are no scrolling numbers, it says “an error occurred while uploading the sketched”


What comport are you using?

Restart the computer and try again before opening anything else. Report back plz.

Thank you


ok…im using comm 1


In the Arduino IDE go to tools - port like the picture. On your keyboard press the “print screen” key on your keyboard - It may be abbreviated “prt scn” usually its in the top rows in the upper right. This takes a screen capture internally. Open paint and paste, this will put the screen in the paint program. Save the file and link it here plz.

Thank you


Are you sure COM1 is the right port? COM1 is usually used internally by the computer. COM3 or higher is much more common. Are there any other ports available to connect to?


I redid the procedure on my desktop and its scrolling the numbers now


Are you still on comm1? Let me know what happens in 30 min.

Thank you


no comm3 now, dif computer
thank you



I’m pretty sure this is the issue. I think that COM1 is not actually the port it’s on. It sounds like everything is working properly on that desktop where it shows up as COM3, but the laptop might not be detecting the Arduino properly


but I’m getting the same results on both no matter what com port I use, I even connected a usb hub to both and still nothting


Were you able to

1 Upload the firmware successfully on COM3
2 Close the Arduino IDE
3 Open Ground Control
4 Select COM3 by clicking Actions -> Ports and choosing it from the drop down
5 Press Actions -> Connect


yes to all of your questions above


…and it’s still toggling back and forth :frowning:

Basically what that means is that Ground Control hasn’t received any position information from the machine for two seconds. That could be because some other program is using the USB port, because it’s not plugged in, because the firmware isn’t installed so no position information is being sent…

I’m a little stumped

What kind of Arduino is it again?