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Kids tree table with animal chairs



Have you tried Sharing in Onshape? Sharing allows you to collaborate with anyone in only four simple steps:

Select the Share icon in the top right.
Type in the email address of the person you would like to share with.
Choose the permission to give that person. Settings allow you to choose who can view, edit, comment or share.
Click “Share.”
That’s it.

Onshape then sends your colleague, vendor or partner an email, inviting them to your Document. If they don’t have an Onshape account yet, Onshape will create one for them. So if you haven’t shared any of your Documents yet, check out this video, and give it a shot!


This will add a whole different level on our collaboration.


If you can open it, you can just copy it and do with it as you please, everything is public in onshape. You just need an onshape account.


@Gero are you able to clean up the edges on the rest of the images.


Here is an SVG of the Giraffe and the gcode. Can someone take a look and tell me if I am on the right path. This is my first successful conversion into gcode.
Giraffe (23.5 KB) (241.3 KB)


Here is the elephant. Got my self a licence for lightburn software for my emblaser 2 laser cutter and it has a really good trace feature and a bunch of other cool features for editing and creating vectors/svg’s.
They have a 30 day free trial (not affiliated in any way but super happy with this software for my laser and has many features that are usable for maslow work.elephant


hmm why didn’t it upload svg?


The gcode isn’t that usefull for others i believe, it is dependant on which mill you use.


It will only let you upload pictures, gcode, and zip files. You have to put the svg in a zip file to upload it.


Elephant, Giraffe, Gorilla, Rhino, from the top of the post?


There ya go, it does not include the lines for the seat, since those were in another sketch.

Animal (385.4 KB)

You could just branch of from my onshape and take them from there.


Yes, please if you have the time.


Just trying to work out how to upload my svg for the elephant, hope it works this (2.4 KB)


The kind of collaboration you guys have going here is exactly why I created the community garden website…is there any chance I could talk you guys into posting this project there?

You can put it up by clicking the “Add a project” button at the top of the page. There’s no need to have all the files ready before posting it, you can always add or edit files later. There are instructions under the “Instructions” tab here


can i just put the onshape link there? or should i try to export them from there?


I’m all about community collaboration and I dig how this is all coming together organically/democratically, but do we really need two locations?


The nice thing about the garden is that it keeps all the files together in one place with a single download button vs something like a forum thread where every version of every file is spread throughout

I guess in this case because the collaboration already happened it seems a little unnatural to move the files to a second location, but the hope is that in the future when we want to make something creating a project in the garden would be the starting point and the collaboration would happen there


I couldn’t agree more. We need the one stop shop. My original idea for the file sharing was a site that had a picture of the project and all of the files to create said project. You could pick up anywhere in the process. Whether it be at the end with the gcode or the beginning at that dwg file. @bar has made my dream come true with the community garden. I want this garden to grow to the point that anyone with a cnc stops by here first. The forum is great because we can collaborate here or people can see the process.


Yeey, thread necromancy.
Finally got started on this, it’s gonna be the kid’s christmas present. My new years resolution is to make all presents myself this ( and next) year.
This is the first project i’m doing thas uses the entire sheet and so far it’s working out great, sure the slots are too small and the bottom left of the machine is crap, but that can all be remedied or worked around. But in the middle it is pretty much right on target.

The thing i’m not sure about, what should i do with the feet of the chairs, it’s quite cheap plywood on it’s edge, it is gonna tear out when the chair is moved around.
I was thinking some u profile that fits over the edge, but i can’t think of anything aestetically pleasing.

I’ll post pictures and fusion files of the rest of the build next year, right now i got presents to finish :slight_smile:


Wow!! Looking good! It’s great to see these becoming real :grinning: