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Kids tree table with animal chairs



Wow. Great to see this come to life. I’m showing everybody I know this.


Can’t wait to cut this out for my daughter!


These are really cool. :+1:

I did, however, get a laugh out of the one that appears to be a llama. Is that correct? I thought it was a little out-of-place. Are llamas common in the jungle?


That is not a llama, it’s an alpaca, by special request from my 3 year old daughter. :smiley:

Alpaca is my totem, with belgian boyscouts you earn a totem, which is an animal name that they call you from then on. It’s also her favorite animal, though it’s possible that that’s not by accident.

She came to see what i was doing when i was loading the gcode. She goes “ooh, there’s no alpaca” so i got delayed a day making an alpaca. The rhino didn’t really look good anyways.

Also, none of those animals live in the jungle :slight_smile:


Those are beautiful…

Also, are those little mountains in the background?

I like them a lot.


Yeah, i was making that for a friend while rhe maslow was cutting.


Tree cut and dryfitted, not sure about how to attach the top to the rest yet.


If I built it, I would probably glue a few wood blocks to the top next to where the legs attach and then either screw through the legs into those block if I could get my drill up there or use some small L-brackets. BUT, I’m really no expert at all on this so it could be a horrible idea.


I know you were a bit past this subject but I had a hard time in the past vectorizing images and @Cbolt360 sent me this link:


I think i’ll make a jig to route holes that nicely fit the top of the branches. It works in my head, i’ll try posting some pictures


Duct Tape!


Happy kids :slight_smile:
The giraffe is very top heavy though, got to either add a lot of weight to the front or redraw the feet to adjust the pivot point.