KrabzCAM, generate g-code from svg

Should be fixed now. I’ve done a lot of changes lately and had missed that one.
Thanks for letting me know.

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Thank you!

I’ve been testing out KrabCam, seems quite good so far but one thing I noticed straight up is the saving gcode window, would be nice to have the system save as window which allows to select a desination and shows all your previous files. This is useful when you have many similar files you want to bunch together which share a similar file name. Your current save window doesnt show a desination window show previous files so its very hard to remember what the similar files were called from a week ago.

Thanks for your input!

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to do this…due to browser security. (Guess it would be bad if javascript-applications had direct access to your filesystem :slight_smile:

Depending on browser, there might be some way to get around this by changing the browser settings, but I would be careful.

More about this here.

I might have missed something though…any suggestion is appreciated.


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Hi Marius.
Beeing a NOOB+ just testing. You state ‘gen code from SVG’.
But when I use a dxf file it looks like it can generate code. Is that correct ?

I’m looking for some way to make my ‘slot car track’ with my Maslow. So haveing closed path is not easy as I want to make singelpase with a 0.75 mm endmill to engrave the racepath.

Br. KimK

Hi, yes, KrabzCAM supports reading and generating gcode for dxf-files as well.

I guess you would use the engrave(FOLLOW_PATH) operation type for your track…

Best regards

Thx Marius. I found out. La igjen en beskjed på FB Messenger. Kim K, Stavanger

For those interested, I’ve (finally) added a user manual for KrabzCAM.

KrabzCAM manual



Has anyone tried the Relief Rough and Relief Follow with the maslow. Some 3D and Relief work would be fun.

I’m aware that the sled will need to ride on the material. I have an idea for that…angle iron and some plastic furniture sliders, basically extending the sled.