KrabzCAM, generate g-code from svg

Should be fixed now. I’ve done a lot of changes lately and had missed that one.
Thanks for letting me know.

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Thank you!

I’ve been testing out KrabCam, seems quite good so far but one thing I noticed straight up is the saving gcode window, would be nice to have the system save as window which allows to select a desination and shows all your previous files. This is useful when you have many similar files you want to bunch together which share a similar file name. Your current save window doesnt show a desination window show previous files so its very hard to remember what the similar files were called from a week ago.

Thanks for your input!

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to do this…due to browser security. (Guess it would be bad if javascript-applications had direct access to your filesystem :slight_smile:

Depending on browser, there might be some way to get around this by changing the browser settings, but I would be careful.

More about this here.

I might have missed something though…any suggestion is appreciated.


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Hi Marius.
Beeing a NOOB+ just testing. You state ‘gen code from SVG’.
But when I use a dxf file it looks like it can generate code. Is that correct ?

I’m looking for some way to make my ‘slot car track’ with my Maslow. So haveing closed path is not easy as I want to make singelpase with a 0.75 mm endmill to engrave the racepath.

Br. KimK