Maslow cnc motors wont run cables ok

setting up new maslow, calibration went well but uploaded a project from easel and now no motors work,

Do you hear any sounds?

Usually when no motors work at all it’s a power issue. Do you see the green light come on when the power cable is plugged into the motor driver?

I had a loose connection and it’s working fine now what is the difference between Center and home

I would like to redefine home down and to the left but I don’t seem to understand how to do it

Webcontrol or makerverse? Webcontrol either right click or shuttle and select save home. In makerverse, you shuttle the sled to where you want it with the controls then you have to zero the x and y axis with the coordinates in the right column in that widget. The left column is the machine coordinates referenced to the absolute home. While the right column can be changed to a local workspace home for that cut. There may be more insight here

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i am using webcontrol, thank you for the help

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