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Rick, why should you prevent someone from getting a job that’s better than what
they had before just because it doesn’t have some of the benefits that you like?

If the jobs aren’t better than the other options, people wouldn’t take them.

Even in the US in the ‘horrible conditions’ of the Industrial Revolution, people
were eager to take the jobs because they were better than the jobs (in large
part including farming) that they left.

And as people become more skilled, and more good jobs open up, the competition
for good workers means that they will get paid more (in whatever form, which may
include medical and retirement, or may just be more cash)

Now, I believe that trade agreements need to be fair, and when you have large
differences in the cost of living in different countries, getting a fair
agreement is hard (between near peers, it’s easy, ‘no tarrifs’ works well, as
long as it’s the same both directions) and there are lots of examples of bad
agreements out there.

‘globalization’ can mean a lot of things, some of them very bad, some of them
good. The Devil is in the details.



Yes, you are tight
I guess what I meant is in “general”

In my mind I think Utah and Texas are good places with lower cost of living… But still cannot compete with developing world, I could get a decent apartment/home for $90k~150k(not in Shanghai) in places like northern Jiansu or Chongqing or 河南.

In Peru I could get also a house for <200k.

Also, the average salary for a technology/engineer worker is more than enough to be comfortable.

In the US (in general) maybe you have to work for longer time to get to that level. I think the US has a lot more highly educated workforce so the supply of high. In Peru where I am from, the supply of engineers is low so I could make more than the average. You just have to be able to cope with developing world-type of liviing, which in my case is my preference.

Salaries are low but also the cost of living is low, so the purchasing power is high I found…


I agree!


Maslow is not going out of business and is just taking a summer break to retreat.
The earth is round and we all sit on the same. (If we intend to save it for future generations, that only functions by doing it together)
I vote to close this post to maintain our over a year respectful collaboration.


I fear i have started a trend in some other topic, as long as the discussion doesn’t get too violent or disrespectful i think we should keep the padlocks to a minimum.
I agree that globalisation is evil, we should buy everything over here in Belgium, and a free waffle with every maslow (waffles of Brussels, not the ones from Liege) :smiley:


i’m drawing a line in the sand with Heinz Ketchup.


What’s wrong with Liege waffles?


too much sugar for my taste, but for shipping they would be better. The Brussels ones are best hot with lots of whipped cream


To be honest, and hopeful, it would not matter if the MaslowCNC business stopped.

The Open-Source MaslowCNC router design will still exist, and we would just migrate to a different forum when/if it closed.

The GitHub account will be there, and we can extend it how we like. :smiley:

When my Maslow arrives in a few weeks, the first thing i will do is make another one from raw stock materials. :smiley:


I agree… I changed the topic to Maslow taking a break discussion


Or maybe we should just close this thread…
either way


I actually think this discussion has been pretty good. There were a few statements that were a little inflammatory, and in just about any other forum, that probably would have set off a flame war of epic proportions. Here, it just fuelled a spirited discussion where people realized they were coming from different places (literally) and different perspectives. I’m with @Dag83. I’d rather avoid locking down discussions when possible.


You’re too late. I tried to upload a picture of Russian labeled Heinz Ketchup taken in Baku, but Giggle photos and this phone aren’t cooperating


that was a mayonnaise joke.


You draw lines, i make waffle fences :smiley:


Please take this response as non hostile and just an observation (I am base in Australia)

I have a very simplistic view on this matter and that without the imagination and commitment from people like Bar and the team along with the community we would not even have the benefit of using such a product as Maslow or even have the chance of a CNC in our living room so to speak (Not that it would be used there!) at the price point we are paying. What has been achieved is truely remarkable and only the start of the home based digital fabrication revolution.

I think it only fair to take it at face value that they need a break to determine what next. Bar has already noted that it is still open source and so we have to take that at face value and if you can’t then download the latest source and there is nothing to worry about.

It is not hard to see with the cost of goods and the price we are paying that the current operation may not be financially viable long term so any prudent person should start asking the hard questions and what can change for the better.

Kind Regards Stuart


Kindly all accept my apology. I should stop commenting late weekend nights under the influence of toxins. I tend to get too emotional. Me reading my post after the second coffee in the morning -> :man_facepalming:
With this awesome community, censorship was and will never be needed.
Belgium chocolates are the best in the world!


Just don’t go doing that in Chicago. They don’t use ketchup there. :blush:

And yes, chocolate in America is in general tasteless. Belgian chocolate… you can just go ahead and pay me my salary in that stuff.


I think you mean Belgian chocolate. Cooking or food in general, is not something the germans are famous for. Correct me if i’m wrong @Gero :wink: Again a benefit of globalisation, we get good cars, they get good chocolate.
I get payed a salary to make it, and can eat as much as i want all day.


Beer, bread and sausage Germany is famous for! (At least for Germans :wink: ) It is what I miss most being abroad. I bake my own bread already and soon will start making sausage. Brewing beer is sadly not allowed and getting the ingredients troublesome. My exwife made a exceptional date-wine once though.