Per axis calibration / fudgery

If your X (Left to Right/horizontal cuts) are spot on,

But your Y (vertical ) cuts were coming out slightly too tall, What value would you change to compensate for that.

(Not accounting for edge calibration.)

Trying to get my frame dialed in without using edge calibration.

I’ve checked my measurements over and over again and they are consistent. So I feel the need to start fudging some values.

There is no separate setting for this, it is part of the calibration. Different
errors in what the firmware thinks the various dimensions of the machine are v
what they really are cause different errors in different parts of the workspace.

So what you need to do is to pick the firmware for the calibration type that you
want to use and go through that calibration process.

David Lang

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It sounds like you are using makerverse and a due. Are you using 1.0.6? Without wanting to use edge or precision (hole) calibration in version 1.1.2, you need to go back through Makermade’s calibration process of making the square and adjusting the factors for 1.0.6. Otherwise @dlang is right: you have to do the calibration. there is a video for 1.1.1g which is close enough to 1.1.2 precision calibration with holes… calibration link in this post.